Well, fine then

9 more…


Go hunt at night. It’s everwhere. I got 6 of them last night

Kaprosuchus is very abundant some nights, in which case you can come across 3-4 in a very short time, or totally absent for a few days. So you’ll surely get your Spinotasuchus within a couple of days. Having said that, it strikes me as weird how often you’re 10 DNA (or less) short of creating or leveling a legendary or unique. Makes you wonder how random the fusing process is…


I always get stuck JUST 10 away, no ways its just a coincidence! They want people to buy the rip off incubators…and sadly, people DO!

Just woke up and checked my phone and there was a kapro up at the road!

I rarely hunt at night. We literally live in the middle of nowhere, so that means asking my hubby to drive around our gravel roads in the dark, cuz I can’t see well to drive at night. Not to mention how scarce spawns are out here. I can get a ton of DNA when we’re in a larger town at night. We, can be out for hour at night and never even see a velociraptor. So yeah, predators are not abundant for me at all. #FirstWorldProblems

Annnnnnnd I went to create him with that 53 DNA I just got and my phone glitched and didn’t add it. :sob:

Don’t feel bad, happens to all of us…

And then like magic my 53 DNA showed up! Yay! :star_struck:Not that she’s strong enough to use on my team yet! :sweat_smile::+1::t_rex: