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Well Here Is The Purple Chest, Hope It Was Worth The 7000 Gold To Up-Grade Fire-Stick? 5p

Hope It Was Worth It!!!

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Hey Ludia, Can I Post On My Own Stuff I Put On?

If It Has No Name Or Photo In It?Na Nevermind, I’ll Let Bygones Be Bygones,I Guess,LOL, Not That I Want Too Tho!:smiling_imp: LOL,
Im Pretty Sure Ludia Wasn’t Responsible, For That Hummm… incident From This Morning,
But Everything I Said Came From My Heart, I’m Sure Someone Said Something Because They Can’t Take Criticism!!! If You Can’t Take It Don’t Deal It Out…
You Want To Do THAT Then Go Ahead, Don’t Try To Drag Everybody With You!!!
Sorry Guys & Gal’s I Got Got Heated Is All, I Take This Game To The :heartpulse:
You Guys Are Like My Second Family :heart: Ludia!!! Sorry Again!

That might depend on what kind of stuff you’re talking about posting! :slight_smile:

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I’ll Fight To The DEATH!!!:spider::scorpion::hocho::ambulance::dagger::bomb:
For The Honor Of Ludia And It’s Warriors
In a Gaming Point Of View Of Course :wink::joy::grin::tongue:
I’ve Got A Strong Opinion Sometimes! Especially When It Comes To The Fam.
SweetShay23, Can’t Let Nobody Be Dis’en The Fam.:wink:

Ever Got Bit By A Pit? Well It Hurts!!!:ox: Kinda Like These Would! LOL :grin:
Where’s My Cattle Prod At!!! :tongue:

I have some thoughts I’d like to express:
(1) criticism of something you love is not a personal attack against you and you should not take it as such;
(2) the fanbase is expected to vent on the forum when there is something that upsets them;
(3) the fanbase is international, and therefore many posters are using English as a second language;
(4) criticism can and has lead to improvements in games;
(5) the fan base is good at identifying when something feels bad, not not necessarily why it feels bad or how to fix it.

I think is worthwhile to recognize that:
(1) @Fabrizio_d_Ottavio is passionate about playing Warriors of Waterdeep, as evidenced by his frequent posts on this forum, and the strong emotional response evident that motivates him to inform the general forum about how certain aspects of the game makes him feel bad,
(2) English is not his native language and he sometimes confuses “unfair” with “cheat”.
(3) there are likely many players who experience similar exacerbation at the same points.

So in general, piling on the complainer, or white knighting for Ludia, diminishes the quality of the discussion on this forum because it stifles discussion, some of which has actually has been of benefit to the general playerbase.

Let’s all be respectful and considerate when people post on these forums.


I’ll keep That In Mind! Thanks retsamerol, Guess I Never Thought About Like That!!!
You Really Think People From Other Counties , And Cultures, Play Like That? That’s Pretty Deep, Wonder How Far This Game Reaches Out In The World :world_map: ?

I See You’re A Very Intelligent Person retsamerol!!!:nerd_face::+1:
And Thanks For The Awesome Input And impressive Advise!!!
May I Ask If You Think People Use The Pix I Use, Or Am I Just Wasting My Time, And Effort???