Well I think I need an advice as well! (too much options now)


So I just unlocked Monomimo, and I am planning to hopefully unlock Megalosuco and Rajanchilosauro within this week-end, thanks to this week featured dinos… so now I am puzzled on what dino/s replace:

Every advice is wellcome :slight_smile: better if a short reasoning for the choice made :kissing_heart:

Ps I am 3.8xx trophies and I face Utasinoraptor, Stegodeo, Tragodistis, Sucotator, Pyrritator, Indominus Rex, Gorgosuco, Monostegotopo…


Get monomimus in there asap!!! Get paramoloch out lol! imo that thing sucks hard cause it’s limited to a 1x attack first turn & isn’t immune. This will give you another nullify option as well. Swap someone for gorgosuchus u need more tank killers I would prob drop suchotator for that but you must really like it if you overlevelled that much so someone else!?


I love my suchatator because of the bleed mechanics. That and the cripple can take down a tank in a couple of turns without taking much damage. As long as I go against something without a superiority strike I’m good. The nullifying is also nice.


@Beast @Piere87 Thanks for your answers!

Yesterday I swapped in Monomimo and put in the bench Pyrritator for now, I really don’t know how to use her well. I use Paramoloch for now cause I put her in battle to finish the damaged opponent, so the first turn with just one move doesn’t annoy me and, if thagozimed, instant charge grants me another hit, instead of certain dead like my Pyrritator.
I really don’t know if Megalosuco deserve all the Gorgosuco dna I saved, Of couse I will create Megalosuco cause I want to save them all, but I think the moves of gorgosuco are much better. You are right. The counter attack tempt me, but for this there will be Rajanchilosauro, maybe. So I can switch Gorgosuco (once levelled up) for Paramoloch and see what happens. :slight_smile:
I love my Sucotator for the nullifying attack, that helps me destroy tanks, and for the DoT seen that I am very far to create the legendary Spinotasuco.

If I am facing a tank faster then me, like tragodistis, I let the opponent always go first so, when they attack or use Superiority Strike, I will use DoT so I cut 1/3 of the health before trago can cleans again in the next turn.
If I am facing a slower tank, like stegodeo, I just let the opponent gain the priority (so I don’t use Lethal Wound on turn one cause they can cleanse theirselves after my attack) and then when they have the first attack, I let them bleed. :wink: