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Well... I told you so

Man, don’t want to brag or anything, but I so told all of you, that the whole nerf-o-phobia will lead to disaster, sooner or later.

I have been called all kind of names over when I was raising the red flag that, no matter how hard a creature is to grind, there shouldn’t be unquestionable “best of the best” creatures unchecked.

I was told that we need to only buff things and move forward with the power creep.

I was told if something is hard to grind or costs a lot, it deserves to be OverPowered.

And yet, here we are, the forum in flames, because now it seems that with the Stat boosts, people finally realized it’s not fun to be “bodychecked” by a pay / grind wall and being almost helpless against OP creatures backed up by the same wall.

Yes, stat boosts are kind of disastrous at their current incarnation, that there is no limit and it’s 10 tier for every dinosaur irregardless of their rarity and base stats.

But, let’s be real… All of you. You don’t need to answer me, just put your hand on your heart and let’s be honest with yourselves.

  • Which creatures dominate the leaderboard currently for god knows how long?
  • Which creatures are being used for abusing the boosts 99% of the time?
  • And which creatures were regularly called out for needing nerfs?

That’s all. As a community, we made a bed for ourselves. Time to lie in it and face the consequences.

Now, whether or not the game can be put back into the right path, the one it had at launch, is questionable.

But do not act like this was a work of one patch. It wasn’t.

  • People asked Ludia to slaughter “lesser” rarities out of the meta. They did.
  • People asked for no nerfs on broken dinosaurs. Ludia listened.
  • People asked that their grinding and especially spent money should give them an advantage other than having higher level creatures. Ludia granted your wish.

I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the point, by now.

Rebalancing is the core of a healthy game. Be it buff or nerfs. Without them, no game can last.

If you have any doubts, look at the current state of the game.

Sometimes it is better to bite the pill and face the short-term annoyance than to let the disease spread… Like, I get it, noone likes their work devalued.

But isn’t it better than having everything spoil, out of pride?

That’s all I wanted to say.


Well said. :+1::+1:

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With the simple fact that Ludia nerf Monolometrodon you can tell that something is wrong


lol classic


Thor out speeding Velociraptors!
Swap in Rat damage boosted nearly one shotting full health dinosaurs!
Arena unusable due to bugs!
Balance totally ruined due to boosts!
Game now Pay to Win because those who buy every boost beats out free or semi free players.

Really 1.7 DownGrade has caused so many issues it’s not even funny anymore!

Ludia I just want to play the game I fell in love with, not this rubbish!
Like arena and battling were my favourite thing to do (other then opening incubators hehe) but now with 80% of matches either not loading or timing out mid fight when you were winning, I can’t even fill my incubator slots…and I don’t want to play in arena.

Oh and let’s not forget that I was at one point 4799 trophies, now I’m at about 3700-3800.
I CANNOT progress.


no clue what you are talking about. boosts have nothing to do with nerfs/buffs. i actually dropped tryko and erlidom from my team because now i can use others. dilorach hardly makes a dent on other teams. tryos is more relevant. whats going on here is p2w meta. nothing to do with this subject.


this is a product of a poor execution. there was a right way to do it and this poor way. smh

nerf dinos???


I’m sorry, but personally I don’t 100% agree with this post. While yes, I agree that some creatures, including those that I use, need a nerf (e.g. Dracocera, Erlidom), I disagree that Ludia nerfing lower rarities so they can’t compete at the upper tiers of the meta is a bad thing.

I just don’t think that we should have a meta where an Epic/Rare/Common creature which you can catch off the street is as powerful or even more powerful than a Legendary/Unique superhybrid that a player invested lots of hours and resources into. So, in that regard, I believe Ludia ‘slaughtering “lesser” rarities’ out of the upper tiers of the meta is actually a good thing.

As for nerfing broken creatures, now that I totally agree with. Creatures like Thorad, Tryko, Erlidom, should all be nerfed to some extent or another. However, I also believe that nerfing these creatures is not enough; we also need to buff underpowered creatures such as the Darwin hybrids as well as create new viable superhybrids to increase diversity in the meta. Of all the things did in 1.7, at least they got the latter half right - Geminititan and Erlikospyx seem to be decent if not outright good superhybrids who have helped to rein in the excesses of the dodgetaculars.

Finally, I disagree that grinding should not give you an advantage over other players. Arena exclusive creatures and their hybrids should at least be as good as if not better than other similar creatures of equal rarity, as they are harder to find. Similarly, if you play JWA for 2 hours a day, there shouldn’t be any reason your creatures can be worse than someone of equal skill who plays JWA for 1 hour a day. If someone invests 20 hours of gameplay into a creature, it should not be worse than a creature which only requires 10 hours of gameplay to get up to the same level. Having a meta like that is unhealthy as more people will get the easier to make but more powerful creature earlier, which further reduces diversity in gameplay and increases the issues with boost abuse (as everyone would end up boosting the same creature, increasing P2W)

But, I completely agree that the boost system has twisted the power curve way out of shape. It was poorly implemented. However, I don’t believe that buffing Epics so they can compete with Uniques (the consequence of addressing your ‘slaughtering lesser rarities’ issue) or having easier-to-make creatures be more powerful than harder-to-make creatures would fix the meta. I think we would just end up similar to where we started with the raptor meta, with Pyroraptor-like creatures somehow fighting alongside Uniques which took exponentially more time and resources to create.


Ok, well, I’m not super familiar with power creep and all that mumbojumbo.


Instead of nerfing certain dinosaurs, wouldn’t it be easier to add counters to said dinosaurs?

I’m probably not understanding everything so excuse my stupidity. :sweat_smile:


Just have two leagues then. Casual and Ranked. Those top in ranked for a season will get a little extra Dino cash plus bragging rights. Those playing casual gets Dino boosted to lvl 26 like the tourney. Both arenas get battle incubators for winning.

You go to Rank to see how your Dino fits in your trophy range, and you go to casual to goof around with dinos. Problem solved.


I don’t get where are you getting the part that easier to make creatures should be better.

Don’t put words in my mouth. I never said that.

Hybrids already have the advantage of being more versatile and overall better than their pure counterparts. Why should they have even better stats as well?

Lesser rarities should at least have a niche use. I am not saying that Pyroraptor or others should be on every single team. But it should be possible to fit them into a late game team, even for just a niche one trick usage. That is currently just isn’t the case.

Take a look at Velociraptor for example. What is the point of having a supposed to be fast glass cannon when anything it does is either irrelevant or something does better?

132 speed means nothing when Dracoce-Rat-OP-s and Dracorex Gen 2 oneshots it.
It has the worst health in the game.
It’s damage is mediocre at best.
It gets shut down by 2/3 of the roster if not more.

Well, obviously, if you grind more than others you should be able to acquire more resources. But why a specific resource should be so much better than nothing else is worth investing it?

If something is unhealthy it is having like 34 characters usable out of 154 or so. It kills the game in the long run if you have to use the same thing as everyone else.

Giving like two more “greens” isn’t changing anything either, when there should be actual varieties in teams.

Having arena exclusives being the best creatures is equally toxic and nonsensical as the current incarnation of stat boosts, since the only way to effectively get them is to pay. See how many people have max Magnas and see how much they spend on average.

(and Magna isn’t even that broken to begin with luckily)


Well, that is exactly what leads to power creep.

What you said about adding counters without dealing with the actual problem is what people call “bandaid fixing”.

Take a look at the current patch for example.

It’s a no-brainer Dracoce-Rat-OP-s is too powerful.

They added two counters (swap-in dodge and swap-in distraction). Both stops Dracoce-Rat-OP-s in a specific situation.

And neither stops the little vermin from destroying the remaining 90% of the game.

The cleanest and easiest way to fix a problem is to fix it, instead of putting it under the rug. It usually doesn’t work out in the long run.


Maybe now is pay to win game, but with boosts in future this will become pay to play game as Ludia can nerf dinos that most players boosted, to the ground, so you can start all over again boosting other dinos.



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Yep, been saying for awhile that green = best is ruining the game, 100% called thor being broken af with stat boost, it’s just dumb tbh to not utilize 80% of the creatures in the game outside of super low tier arenas in general. Meanwhile stuff like Brachi/Triceratops/Anky got nerfed (why???). What I didn’t expect was how INSANE the monetization was gonna be, $15 dollars a day??? And that’s for 75 boost points, compared to 12 per day maximum for F2P. And before anyone says boost strikes…if it gives you more boost points than one day of buying from the marketplace I’ll eat a shoe, will probably be like 25ish or something.


Oof, and I thought this was bad:

Only thing I have that could outspeed it is my Tany.

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Yes, I actually made it all the way to Aviary, and even passed 5000 trophies (between tournament seasons) a few times, with a team comprising 3 commons, 3 rares, and 2 epics. People appreciated that my team was different, and some were amazed at the wins I pulled off. Sure, I lost many battles, but I was still able to make it that far. But now… let my first post in this forum speak for itself:


What a shame this game was not made by a reputable company. It could be a great game instead of a problem in progress. Am I the only one almost ready to quit ?