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Well it's again


Well should have expected this new game content seems to always = new bugs PVP is not working at all iv e tamed out 12× in a row no opponits real people or bots is anyone else having this issue with PVP not working at all and the game crashes or pages to the point it’s almost unbarible?

Would love if ludia would fix bugs b4 adding new content but it seems to be about adding new content to a game b4 fixing bugs that will cause issues when new content is added from the tournament the the new ice age rhino fix old bugs b4 adding new stuff because it ganna caust ludia more to major bug fixes and take longer if they don’t fix old issues that will get worse when new stuff is added dinos are still most of the time u able to be clicked when the spawn under a strick tower if it’s a smaller dino like a raptor this issue has been in the game sence the strike towers were 1st introduced make strike towers dissipers when beaten or failed or somthing sick of the bugs making the game more of a tedious hassle the fun.