Well ludia I see your back it again with the op

To be honest I thought we reached a peak with testa and skoon (although both are still technically around) and finally with the end of the apex domination of arena I was like oh boy now we can finally get some new interesting creatures to run. I was at least right about the new creature part.

sigh …….ludia. What were you thinking?! Seriously did you not think when creating phorurex and indotarus?! Like why would you give a these two freaking 1.6k damage?

Especially when one can’t swap in do 40% damage then hit your with an instant cunning rampage and the other has greater rending counter and cloak. Ugh this isn’t really a nerf thread, although I guarantee they will arise later, this more of a warning cause things are about to get wild and ludia once again just doesn’t think things through. And honestly there are simple fixes.

  1. DON’T give indotarus any way to cleanse damage but buff it’s speed up and lower the attack (108-112) (1,100,1,400) make cunning/ distraction it’s main counter and weakness especially with cloak plus rending plus vulnerability being at its disposal.

  2. Don’t give phorurex a freaking swap in damage move as well as a shattering/bleeding R&R or on escape lockdown stun. It doesn’t need to cover every single area of weakness. The instant rampage is honestly not that hard to deal with but the rest of it kit is just ugh. So here is my advise (alert rending lockdown —-> alert stun; LR&R —-> shattering Impact and run or just DR&R; stunning obstruction —-> nothing) there and it can keep it’s stats.

So yeah here is my two cents ludia.


Agreed, they really don’t think these things through. Rank #1 is already using both at level 30 (big surprise there :roll_eyes: :yawning_face:) probably time to actively stay out of Shores now, since matchmaking there is still incredibly broken. I thought the game was going to be all Apex, but that will never be the case. Unique advantage 24/7.


Every time I see the top 10 or so players with level 30 new creatures my heart hurts a little


Why are we already talking about nerfs when the thing has been out for less that 24 hours?

So why the uproar?

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No disrespect, but these look like fan-made dinos you would find here on the forums. All the signs are there: excessive ability effects, unnecessarily high attack stats (considering Phorex has swap in and bleed and Indotaurus has a powerful counter), somewhat random kits with unnecessary moves that don’t really work together, unnecessary resistances, etc.

If these were suggested by fans I would say they seem to be overtuned and should be scaled back, but these are official!!! Oh well, I guess that’s just the power creep you get because y’all freak out every time any dino you use gets slightly nerfed, so Ludia just makes new dinos as strong as the old OP dinos. Why even bother trying to balance the game anymore?


For that you have to blame the players though… Everybody was complaining that Apexes were better than Uniques (even if some players can make Uniques level 30 overnight as it always happen with the top players while it takes many months to unlock an Apex, and getting it to level 30 take a year. Go figure. They want Uniques to be better than Apex, so here’s another one :slight_smile:


Toolbox sims. And 1600 damage on a cloaking counter attacker is a bit absurd. Phorurex scares me with its damage output as well.
One look at both of them and I see issues.
I don’t say op yet as I don’t have either and I ahvent faced any yet. But they are concerning on paper.


Cause freaking everything else, I left out the IR since it’s the least likely to change plus alone it not to hard to counter the rest of the the creatures makes it absolutely bonkers.

Lol I don’t think that’s what they meant, but that’s Ludia logic :sweat_smile:

In all honesty though, I do think the strength of Magnus and Hadros are at least partially to blame for all the strong uniques we’ve been getting lately. They were clearly dominating the meta for a long time, but Ludia never nerfed them - and look at how people reacted when they did. Now they shouldn’t be weaker than Uniques, but they shouldn’t have been quite as strong as they were. That strength meant that new dinos had to be even stronger to be relevant on release to keep up with the Apex meta (because after a string of lackluster uniques like Tupandactylus, old Skoona, and Antarctovenator Ludia must have realized players preferred new dinos to be stronger on release) - basically, textbook power creep. They didn’t put the power creep in check before with nerfs, and so this is the result we get.


Agreed 100%


At least it doesn’t have swap in cloak…

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You mean the cheering on forums?


Well, not yet……

Indotorus is best used after one of your creatures is taken out as the 2X counter only works in revenge mode.

Indotorus is the best revenge creature now because it can do a 66% damage counter unless it is damage reduced or nullified.

As far as being a starter or a regular swapper-inner, it isn’t any better than any other. It is slow and that is it’s downfall.

Andrewtops is so/so but has good damage which adds up with an attack and counter-attack. No one will cry nerf on this one.

In the four games, I only had Phorurex once and used it on the last move so I can’t really say much yet for it.

I lost one game and then switched the bottom row of creatures for better ones and then won 3 in a row.



Chill, they just came out. Let’s fight them, and then see if they truly are OP.

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I mean it’s basically been proven by people who use it as well as the sims that it can almost two shot anything (tarus) soooo.

Plus @Roaring_Raptor if 2.0 and onward has taught people anything, if it looks op on paper and in sims, it’s likely op. Remember how everyone yelled about lux and magnus before they came out, same with skoona, same with 2.0 maxima and tryko, same with testa and skoona again. And now these two.


Mostly my biggest gripe with tarus it’s a fierce……that counter cunning in almost every single way. It has cloak to counter direct damage while doubling it own output, same with vulnerability, and it can then cleanse any negative effect while doing two times damage.


True. I believe Monolorhino will be very useful now. At its prime

And considering it also counter Scorpius, Phorurex and others well. Mrhino is now a clear staple for the endgame. And now we have a wooly season, coincidence?


Well the attack and health would obviously be high at level 26.