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Well needed buffs for epic hybrids

Always thought this thing needed a buff since it got a bit weaker with the update so some extra attack with full immunity to slows should help it a lot and stun resist

Ah, good old spinotahraptor. Pretty big buff to health and attack to make it more fierce and cunning swapped gashing wound for lethal and gave fierce impact instead of crit


One of the older hybrid who isn’t doing so well so a slight buff in speed (it’s a revert from a nerf it got before) and swapped group strike for deceler impact for better 1v1 since it’s a 1 turn cd and now has a prio shield for raids oh and now its immune to slows

Much needed buff, gave it a hp/attack buff (can now kill fierce in turn 2s with impact into ramp)
and gave it group distracting impact

Posti wasn’t doing so well so a big attack buff help it take down tanks much better and switched heal to emergency heal for raids

What are your guys thoughts ? (might add a few more and maybe legendaries)


They all look great especially spino maybe also give the ankylosauruses and birds a little buff?

They look good overall. I would make an adjustment or two to the following; Posti’s attack would either be 1350 or 1400. For Auqa I would probably change distracting impact for cunning impact or evasive impact, anything else really. It doesn’t need the same move twice. As for Spinorap that’s a lot of attack or/health IMHO.

Nodapat looks great!