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Well now it's official, something is wrong



How many weeks has it been since Trebax came out?

13 I think

Trebax was released on Monday, December 21st, so we’ve had 13 chances to raid it so far. Even if someone had gotten 30 every single week – odds so astronomically low you might as well say it’s impossible – they’d be at 390 DNA, which is 10 short of level 27. Earning this legitimately is clearly impossible, and this person is just flaunting it now because Ludia hasn’t taken action. My friend battled one of these guys in the normal arena, so they’re not even trying to lie low.


There are claims that you could get 40 in the first week though, which would make it technically possible, while still incredibly improbable

I’d heard that claim is untrue. Does anyone have proof of getting 40 the first week? I’ve never seen any.

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The right catch phrase would be, citing Cicero: <<quousque tandem, Ludia, abutere patientia nostra? >>
Tha you can translate to how long then, Ludia, are you gonna abuse of our patience?

This is what happens when you allow lower level players to obtain end game dinos so fast. It’s going to get even worse in the coming weeks. There should be a minimum user/dino level cap to be able to participate in ANY apex raids. What a mess!

@Ned This should be reported to Ludia and some decisions should be made ASAP to prevent a disaster!


They seem to have had pretty amazing luck on Hadros as well


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Ok, to have that level of lucky DNA for Para 28 and 27 Gorgo is like winning the lottery. I have never missed a single Apex raid and have neither the DNA for Para 28 or even unlocked Gorgo.

I have trouble believing this too.

Does this really matter all that much? I mean this is just a few people out of so many that get it, so does it really matter. Earning your apex by farming every week and finally unlocking it is way better than getting it quickly and easily. It shouldn’t affect your game much either.

And they’re not alone. There are others in that person’s alliance with amazing luck too.

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IF they are cheaters, then yes, it matters… especially for those on range of these people in the arena, having to deal with losses to them. Plus, who knows what other ways they might be cheating…


Neither have I, but I do know it was bugged on the first week, so it doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch. The Hadros and Trebax together are very suspicious.

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OH yes.
If they get away with it, others will shrug and do it too.


Of course it matters. It is unlikely anyone has got 30 every single week without fail.

The fact they have it at lvl 27 (and we don’t know how much DNA they actually have) warrants investigation by Ludia.

But Ludia don’t care, just like when they freely gave out 1000 Monolometrodon dna recently, or when they gave people double alliance rewards and said screw you to those that didn’t get affected.

So yes it does matter and it needs looking at. I just don’t trust Ludia to do sod all about it.


this has sponsorship pints

I am legitimately surprised that Ludia has not even issued a statement. It is almost as though they condone the use of exploits.


Don’t get me wrong. Ludia has no plans to punish this person or the alliance. This case was reported to them few weeks back. They did send an official response to one of my alliance members saying that their are investigating the issue.

@Ned Can Ludia give an official report on the investigation on this player along with the other players in that alliance? This will ensure in creating a fair environment that Ludia had promised to all players.