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Well, now what?

I’ve unlocked my dream dinos I’ve wanted from the start.

What now? I’ve got a few options.

Spinoconstrictor will take forever because I’m completely out of boa dna, and my dilophoboa is 17…


monolorhino would be pretty good. It would definitely be worth the time.

Constrictor, tho i love her, is hit or miss with people. especially since she’s really only good at taking down fierce creatures.

Tuoramoloch is also one of the top healers in raids. has great healing and support abilities for all apex raids.


Yeah, I might wait for it’s tournament to get monolorhino. I realllly don’t want to grind 200 epic dna from level 7 sanctuaries…

Another option.

what i do is keep leveling team to 30 and boost them. my plant after that is to level raid creatures, tourney creatures and then just creatures for fun. for example, all my dinos are currently level 10 except for a few. i’m planning on levleing all dinos with non useful hybrids to level 15, but my team costs a lot so that went down the drain, at least for now. i suggest getting tenato if you don’t already have it. its awesome and i sugesst leveling one of your favorite dinos, at least if its decent in arena. mine is indom and its about to be 26 this week

i just got erlidom a month ago and haven’t touched it since, due to the fact its not that good in arena, altho really useful in those map battles.

Honestly, i would get tenontorex if I could. My alliance is ALWAYS requesting it, and so I’m completely out of all of the dna except dilo g2

yes i recommend putting it in a sanc, im only 500 dna away from fusion level for it but that takes about 5 days if you get 120 dna everyday from level 20 sanc, possibly 240 if there are two of them

Mine is only level 7…

Oh well if you get 250 dna a day which only requires 2 of each one at level 20 will get it in about 40 days. I recommend requesting a tad bit but I would focus on something else

I’ll think about it.