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Well... ok then


I’m nowhere near his lvl. And i’m not gonna talk about his luck. This game is becoming more and more annoying everyday.


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I feel your pain. But another day you will be the lucky one, trust me. For now just sit through the pain


Had something like this the other day. Was winning 2-0, nearly all dinos at full health (save for my Indom). In comes Indoraptor to dodge every attack and beat 3 of my dinos.


Lockdown yesterday

Lockdown today

YES LOCKDOWN as in: 2500-3000 trophies

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I’m in lockdown too and I’m too scared to battle if I run into uniq… aaaaand that’s my 70th time saying it.

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That’s because of the St.Patricks’s event. It’s not odd to see unique dinos in Badlands now.


With all the epic DNA being handed out through alliance missions and all the rest, the game is becoming much more saturated with higher level dinosaurs. With time, uniques in Lockdown will become more common. :-/ I’ve had people in my alliance with 2-3 level 16-ish epics and still in Arena 2. It didn’t used to be that way. And sometimes I’ve been that guy taking a massive Trykosaurus to some poor lower-arena player who didn’t deserve it… Whenever you face someone with a super-scary unique where you feel it shouldn’t be, there’s likely a player at the other end who’s fuming over a really rough losing streak. Gotta take it out on somebody. ;-(

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In Lockdown with a 21 Suchotator…



Thats about normal… i just had a guy in my alliance finish his indom… hes at 20xx trophies and 4 of his dinos are like level 12s.

I have multiple people in my alliance with full teams of legendaries and their sitting in lockdown.

Ludia apparently had no clue the impact on alliance missions rewards were going to have on this game. This is why our events got reworked.


I’m also convinced this has more to do with the alliance missions than the st pat’s event. Let’s hope things get better


Yup, welcome to the live in L4 40 suchumimus per hour :slight_smile:

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He was most likely assuming with a level 21 suchotators you arena dropped… in the past with dinos past that level one would assume youd belong in ruins… thats where i was when i had my first few 21s.

Most of the people on here arent really aware of what the lower level arenas have turned into… and for the most part it doesnt affect them. Until Ludia starts reworking events and removing tenotorex.

When level 18s became the norm in arena 3… thats the first of many problems… a few more weeks of these rewards with no rotation of adjustments and those 18s are gonna turn into 20s.

I got a guy in my alliance whos best 4 dinos are almost identical to mine… 700 trophies are what currently seperates us and its his bottom 4 dinos that is the cause for that trophy distance. Honestly his top 4 most likely would beat mine with him having tryko vs my erlidom.


Your post describes just how much the game is broken, in a nutshell.


Like i have said countless times we need more arenas people have nowhere to climb so we are generating a backlog so i am not suprised you are getting uniques in lockdown of course st patricks day had some effect to this aswell but more arenas will give top tiers somewhere to go its rough in lockwood aswell


Adding a more trophy wont fix the ladder… now when the current logjam is starting to span 3 arenas…

Im in lockwood i know what its like… and the guy in my alliance with a 24 thor, 23 indo, 22 tryko is in sorna… with his top team he can easily compete in ruins and lockwood… but adding more trophies wont fix anything for people in sorna battling him cause his other dinos arent ready to move up. If he wasnt being fed rex for a month… sino for 2 months… free uniques on st pattys day he wouldnt have that kind of lopsided team.

That same problem applies down to those in arena 3 that have 18 sinos, einosuchus, concavenators… the rest of the team isnt strong enough to progress to the next arena so they stay in arena three overleveling their alliance mission dinos at a faster rate then they can progress to the next arena. So now to progress through arena 3 you need alliance mission dinos at level 18 or dinos that counter them that need to be overleveled… but since alliance mission dna is rolling in those are the dinos that keep getting leveled.


That’s the thing though. In the long run things even out. The RNG, the battles against deranking people both on their way down and up and everything.
Unfortunately, people feel much more deserving when things are working for them, compared to their opponent being deserving when things don’t work in their favor. Sure it’s annoying to see these intentionally dropping people in lower arenas, but there is no Universal conspiracy against you. Things that work for and against you are true for 99% of the players.


But as maxed teams move up so will everybody else


You can only move up if you can beat the teams around you… more often then you lose. These team with overleveled alliance mission rewards but the rest of the teams not strong enough yet to progress arent going anywhere.

Not to mention in season 2 when the leaderboard was more spread out they had to give the top guys bots to battle… and this games playerbase hasnt exactly grown since then.

I have enough sino dna stockpiled I can most likely level my thor to 29 maybe 30 if I focused just on him. Thats not gonna take me up 500 trophies… id just be another person with one overleveled thor for my arena.

Adding some trophies may help may not… but it wont fix all the problems.


Yh ok i see he point i think they should revert back to the old trophy count for arenas and still add a couple more that may well help abit and when he team does start to even out we can all progress as i for 1 have dropped 200 trophies the past 2 seasons