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Well played Above Syndicate

I’ve had respect for you guys since I started this group Lit Up. My hats off to you. Congrats on the win. I look forward to future events.


Nice job Above Syndicate. Looking forward to next raid!

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Oh! Danial You must be speaking Indonesian.

Well Certainly Sir, “The Boss Cat was extremely difficult.” That is why it is such a great victory for AboveSyndicate!!

Im so excited for the raids being competitions again!
Not just gear runs.

I love watching the scores develop during the week.

Connor McGregor match was a major upset this year too. Well its good to know who’s on the ticket for next run. Excited!

Oh it definitely made the surprise event even more fun. This game can get grindy so its fun to see who can stay on top. ABOVE SYNDICATE has always been in the top (at least in the year I’ve been playing) so its an honor to be ranked among them.

It was a quality race for sure! You guys have been crushing Raids for the past couple of months. It was fun to rush at the end with our guilds so close in score. Nine rooms is a slim margin of victory but we will take it. Congrats to you for a very impressive showing yourselves!

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I’m sure we both had teams still inside running when the clock expired.

We certainly did. The final 45 minutes is when we made up the ground. A number of people were just waking up and jumped in at the last moment. Interesting that the event ended 60 minutes earlier than normal and 60 minutes earlier than the concurrent rally.

Kloyarn tagged it #MiniRaid cause it was shorter. Either way you guys pulled off a nice one and took the crown. Means we gotta watch you closely now. Lol