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Well, that stinks


Well, me and my friend have been sort of racing to see who can unlock Thoradolosaur first, although I think it’s been more of a competition for him than it has been for more. I needed some rare DNA for a mission, so I decided to do a fusion on Diplotator. And, I got a 90, and I’m currently at 170/250…

I’m pretty sure the rule of averages for fusing is split across ALL hybrids rather than just one, because that just makes sense from a programming standpoint, and now I’ve gotta live with the fact that if I had been just a little more patient, I might’ve actually beat him, because he’s closer to unlocking it than I am.

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While im not gonna dispute that because i often will fuse a rare if im getting alot of 10s and then go back to other fuses. It also way more easy to get a high fuse on a rare or an epic then a legendary or unique. And that makes sense from a game balance perspective to get a rare to level 20 it takes 3k dna so a bunch of 90s dont make to much of a dent in progress.