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Well that was a waste of $1000 HC


Bought an epic scent, hoping for a chance at Sino… Well 1st dino is as always a Concavenator… Then followed by ALL Majungasaurus, and ending with 1 Dime… Really?! 1k cash for a stupid dino that has swarmed the map anyways!! Not spending anymore that’s for sure!


In L3 it’s always spino Gen 2 then triceratops Gen 2 for the rest lol


I got a monolophosaurus in a large common scent yesterday.
Last weekend I did an epic scent and only got a pterodactyl for an epic and I was walking the whole time.
It’s a gamble but I do agree epic scents seem unappealing


It’s a bit lol you get better epics from the rare scents and you can get 5 times the DNA buying 5 rare scent instead of one epic. If I use epic scent I get non stop secodontosaurus if I use rare won’t always get epic but if I do it will be ourano or pyro. I’m L2


I got a sino out of a large common and a posti out of another large common on the same day… today i got almost all majunga…

Epic scents are a gamble that normally provide better dna per dollar then an incubator… but honestly i cant get onboard with spending 1k hard cash on something that may be worth it…


I don’t suppose you read other people’s reactions to the epic scent b4 you pulled the trigger?


Well I’ve had great results from epics before, did 2 back to back about a month ago and ended up with 3 Sino, a Trex, and of course Concavenator. But yeah it is sad when you have a better chance of epics from rare scents than from epic scents…

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