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Well that was a waste of 75 HC

After repeated rattings, and swap in and out monostego baloney, I’m bailing out on this tournament. I should have known better.

Skill indeed… HAH!

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Yeah I regret wasting my HC. I wanted to try out the new epic creatures but I forgot that frakking Indo Gen II.
After three hours of battling and falling back to 0 over and over again I lost interest again.

It only matters which one has the Indo Gen II. Phorusaura and rats (Monostego included) also matter.

I lost every battle where I didn‘t have Indo II. I don‘t use rats. So, in 75% of my battles I didn‘t draw Indo and lost. I usually just leave when my opponent has Indo II and I have an useless team. I also find it funny how I drew the same four creatures in 4 battles in a row (not kidding!!).

So yeah…wasted money and energy. Just couldn‘t resist. Now I just battle there for alliance and daily missions. :woman_shrugging:

Well done, Ludia.


Best tournament for me so far. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is my team, never lost a battle but I also never got ingo II in my team. The mvp are carnotarkus and mammotherium. Indo II counter are carnotarkus dsungaia ardonto and mammotherium


Mammothetium is the real mvp here. Draco and mono are so bad and useless. I dont know how someone can complain about them.

Sadly i have no mammoth hybrid, carbonnemys it is for me. 50% armor are no joke haha

It sure is fun to lose every battle against an opponent who has Indo Gen II.
So amazing. So challenging. To find strategy and tactic. Lol. Why think?
That thing is immune to stun, distraction and is able to DSR, hit through evasive, distract, speed up, buff attack, cleanse and use evasive itself. Awesome. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

I think it should also earn immune to slowing down cuz it‘s unfair that my Indo II can be slowed down. Not nice. And it should also gain swap in rampage. Since u nerfed the rat so hard, I really think that Indo II needs it too.
It‘s so hard to fuse, plz give it SIR. :heart::slight_smile:


I’d love to play if my game would load instead of being stuck on 17/27 again

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“But indo gen 2 isn’t op, just learn to counter it” -people crying about it’s upcoming nerf. This tournament really highlights how broken it is.


Yeah I also love the advice of some to counter it by using Indo II too. :rofl::rofl:


It’s never going to be perfect, but the Skill tournaments are the best thing to have happened to this game, according to me at least.
(Almost) the same dino pool, same level, no boosts, doesn’t get better than this. This is the closest we are going to have to a fair PvP event. Well, unless they unlock all creatures for everyone + the other rules, but I am quite happy with the way it is now.


Won more games without Indo g2 in team. Currently in top 50.

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I actually find this tournament fun , long battles , and very strategic.

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I’m jealous of your mammatherium. :scream:

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This is outrageous. The third tournament in a row where the rank does not updates when winning. 3 wins and no advance in


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Just restart the game it then showed the correct status to me. :smiley:

No, I restarted the game, restarted the phone… No use

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Rat? I’m on top 50 and I’ve seen only one so far, and I kicked its butt. It ain’t what it used to be (THANK GOD!)… Monostego yes, very common and annoying, but nothing out of the ordinary

The “rat” now is Indo2… now THAT’S something that takes all the fun. Basically if one gets it on the team, he/she has 70 to 90% chance of winning if the opponent doesn’t have it.

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Top 50? Nice one; haven’t battled much yet (currently #250) but I quite like the rat in its current incarnation. Indo G2 is relentless but beatable - I would give the crown of “new rat” to Phorusaura. Dsungaia and “Mother” (Mammotherium) are superb and good against Indo G2; Carnotarkus isn’t bad either. Fun tournament; haven’t bothered entering my alt account - too few legendaries.

I’m happy to say I’m usually fighting for top 50 or 100 =)

Indo2 usually beats those you’ve mentioned rather easily, except for Mammotherium, and even that I believe it depends on battle circumstances. Besides, not many people have it yet… Dsungaia rarely gives me much trouble. Phorus is strong, but extremely easy to deal with. Just send a strong tank, and it will have to run away to stay alive… Indo 2 can solo a whole team or at least take down 2 opponents with ease if it gets its move right and there ain’t much you can do about it…

Just use something immune, also you just gotta find the right counters, once you find the right counters you will go up to high ranks. (Surprisingly I finished second this tourney without mammotherium)