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Well, that was fun - what's next? :) :) (Spoilers!)

Welllll, New Dungeon Complete, whats the next update? Tomorrow? :smiley: :smiley:

So a few things as tips, tricks and spoilers (So dont read below the image if you dont want to be spoiled!!!)

The Dungeons were mostly easy due to having the right gear spread -

Dominate, Stun, and Tommus with AC Counter attack was key. Used Wizard for disarm and kill spells. Regen of course, was very useful doubled up on Tommus, and single target heals kept him alive.

This weapon however, in the final last few battles, was VIP:

Im not sure if I even highlighted it in my RARES review, but Man - without this, I would have struggled hard.

In regards to Dominate, the best use is either the Demons with LONG SPEARS (not the magical ones) or the Succubi with counter attack and preferably the Single one with a WHIP (it does stun pretty often!)

In regards to rooms with the new Armor Defender / Water Weirds/Tentacles -
Oddly, I found that if you can immediately Dominate the Armor in these rooms, they wreck face. If you have a room with Green Scaled Demons, dominating one of these is key, and beware on them, counter attacks can get u killed due to their innate spikes on hit.

I thought my Screenshots were getting saved, however they didnt sadly.

On the FINAL BOSS (The Demon, not the Rakshasa) There will be a couple of Defensive Place Markers. The KEY to winning is standing on these, as they bolster your unit(s).

Also you NEED your tank in the second row (Middle) so the final boss can only summon up to 4 demons at a time. If you get in the front row, he will DECIMATE your heroes, stay middle/back. Using items like legs that do damage while moving is very useful - I did this on cleric and bard. Stunning/dominating is necessary for the demons, and having Wizard with kill spell every other turn (from walking around) was key to winning this fight.

Dont be surprised if u get wiped - its gonna happen till u get the knack of it. Use gems to revive (which also means make sure u bring gems before fighting the final boss).

This match is VERY VERY TOUGH but is doable with the right combos, my heroes were:

Lv15 Cleric
Lv15 Wizard
Lv13 Fighter
Lv14 Bard

So it is entirely possible with a less than fully levelled team, but it will be a challenge!!!

As far as the Rakshasa goes (this is spoilerrrr) after you beat it the first time, all dungeons thereafter leading up to final boss, will have the Rakshasa RANDOMLY appear after killing a random enemy on EACH MAP. Be prepared, and he hits with a debuff - CANT HEAL. So its likely you WONT be able to heal your tank therafter (I use Tommus with RESTORE trinket!) Be prepared!!!

I changed my gearouts many times. On regular fights, your Wizard (or ranged hero) may take one or more instakills from counterattack. So pick your weapon/spells wisely. I changed from aoe disarm, to single target disarm for 2 turns. That aoe killed my wizard more often than she’d like to remember, forcing a redo in many cases.


Well thanks for the new challenge and art @Ludia_Developers @Ludia_Games and hopefully we will get more combat content soon (and explorable maps and more stuff!)


Oh also, against a random mini-boss we apparently get a guaranteed Red Gem chest Legendary pack, here is what I got:

All in all, I received a total of 3 Legendaries and alot of random of each other type through all the dungeons. I also earned well over 100k gold, which covered some gear upgrades, and a levelup! Very cool for a days work!

Thanks again, till next dungeon ~~ Yespa


I almost forgot to mention…rats, lots of them. Stun them, disarm them, dominate them…otherwise they will dominate you (same with some demon champs~~


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Finally found some of my pics!

Demon being dragged back down to hell, pretty legit:

The fight and imagery kind of reminded me of the original NES Zelda fight with Ganon, red demon and all, and this to boot:




Well May the Force Be with You :wink:
-Halbenet, Jedi Master


So 3 run got Nat 20

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Sweet bro!!!

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My level 11 characters are struggling - I’m up to boss of 5th node at the mo. I typically have to restart the first room 5 or 6 times because 1 or 2 toons usually get one-shot as soon as i enter the dungeon :wink:

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Oh and big thank for the few tips on boss saved me a few attempt

Did it with
Halbenet 13
Shevarith 12
Tommus 12
calliope 13


Glad to be of help and congrats on clear!

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I am starting to wonder if the monsters you face are based on your own character level.

For me, the last boss (Kurgaloth), is level 19 with 24 000 health. All he does is spawn every single turn a lv 18, 5000 health demon that hits 3 times in row for over 2000 even on my tommy full buffed, so if i am in melee range of those demons (row 2), i get 1 shotted no questions.

It is almost inconcevable for me to think that any of you with level 12 could be able to beat this monster of a boss.

If you really did kill if with the same stats/level that i am facing, then grats and thumbs up for you guys. You are hands down WAY better than me.
I tried for hours to run this with my team and i did fiddle with the gear constantly to try to get something going:
Warlock: 17
Halbernet: 19
Shevarith 18
Archer: 18

Sometimes i did try out these 2 with the tips you gave up top, but i can’t get anywhere close.
tommy: 15
Calliope: 14

** also, i do not use any gems for the revive, as i want to kill him “normally, face to face” without having to rez 14 times in order to kill him.

Also, the runes on the floor doesn’t seem to boost my characters, but only enemy if they do end-up walking on it. I tried looking at my stats / buffs before and after walking on one, but i can’t see any differences.

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I did revive once having dominate last 3 turn helped too.

After completing it I can clear it on first 2 encounter and I reached the third one once but couldn’t survive a hit with tommus

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Yes! Update: The runes on the floor BUFF THE BOSS!!!

You have to step on those to make them disappear, if they are still there, after third turn, he absorbs them, not something u want to happen!

As far as the boss, u need to dominate either one of the demon chicks, or just stack your tank up first row, but yes higher level equals higher difficulty.

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Ive finally beat that beast of a Monster.
Kept Tommy on row 1 and used halbernet to heal him every turn with his 1 CD helmet.

Weirdly enough, the boss only hits for 3.7 k on a Tommy with 3.8k defense, yet the spawn demons were hitting me for over 6k.
So I prevented the douchbag from spawning any and sustained Tommy with the regen neck, the helmet and the occasional back stepping in order to “dodge” 1 melee hit and kill the demon spawn.

I’ve used my archer on the back row to kill the boss or occasional spawn, and wizard to rain down her rare book maxed out (4 hits of 100% dmg) and moving to regen the CD.

It turns out it wasn’t as bad like that.

Didn’t use a single revive nor a death ward.

I’m actually really happy about that experience,
It was the most hardest boss I’ve faced in this game. Great job dev.

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Oh here is my reward:


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I need to update,

After finishing the campaign, I went into the challenge mode and got easily to the last room (9) which is to be expected with a group of level ~18 when monsters are barely level 16.

Then I get to the wall.
I don’t know if anyone gets past kurgaloth room 9 on the challenge, but he is WORSE then in the are his stats.

With this he normal melee hit my Tommy for 7k, my halbernet (second tankiest character) for 12k (no crit) that’s if I stand in melee. If I do not, he spawns infinites amount of level 19 demons. Here is their stats.

These 1 shot anyone after they survive for 2 turns ( their first is always counterattack buff).
And they hit over 3k 3 times on anyone and they take between 700 -1100 a hit from most of my teams.
This means that I need to hit them about 6 lucky times before they die. But by then, another one would have spawned and so own.

I mean this is ludacris. I’ve ran this 4 times already and I can’t see this happening at all for me.

I can take a video of this and just post it to prove this isn’t balanced at all.

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Yea but I use dto have same difficulty with Deeps, now I roll it barely awake lol

I clear challenge room 9 too but changed my strategy I now use farideh instead of shevarith his legend helm level 2 and legend boots level 2 that reduce damage really helped since tommus wasn’t able to stay alive if he didn’t have enough armor

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Cracked light finger estate with level 12 bard, wizard, fighter, archer.

Ocassionally subbed in level 11 Raika, level 11 rogue

Don’t think it changes difficultly based on level. Every monster could one shot all characters with the exception of Tommus who could usually survive a hit.

Needless to say I had to do a LOT of restarts to get the initiative in each room right :open_mouth:

In the boss room I just dominate the first succubus after they have activated their retaliate, then use Tommus 3 turn ability block on next after retaliate. Then if necessary I use wizard AOE ability block from 2 steps away. By the time they can attack have typically killed demon or wounded him enough can just move away from succubus and leave him to die

It go’s wrong sometimes but …

When wizards grimoire just refuses to proc :wink:


I cracked lightfinger not long before the update and was doing the challenge with level 12 characters.

I could consistently get to room 6/2nd boss and would beat him the vast majority of times.

Now My characters are level 13 (and renown up 2-3 levels from levelling Nayeli) i can’t even get to 2nd boss most of the time, in fact there have been a number of occasions in which I lose a character in room 1!

The boss difficulty feels the same to me but the rooms feel much tougher :frowning:

So retracting my previous post about it not changing difficulty with your level :stuck_out_tongue:

Strangely since levelling the characters to 13 I’ve gone from consistent 2 dice on jellypus to consistent 3 dice - so levelling has had the reverse effect there …

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Nice yea things seem ot be slightly different now on my end too