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Well the staff needs to be made aware- Scolosaurus still fights with 0 Health in Grypolyth Raid!

We still won anyway, but imagine losing because of a glitch in the third Round. And it messed up everything. Had that not happened we would’ve won two Turns earlier.

I can confirm that cause it just happened to us!

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So, 25 Grypolyth Deoxyribonucleic Acid for our troubles and 500 Hard Cash seems appropriate as compensation.

Happened to us too, although it’s probably just a visual glitch, it’s detrimental to the strategy If we don’t know how much HP is left

We barely won, took 3 times. I used 24 heavily boosts Indom, 2 tuoras, and thor. Cloak works really well and indom has armor piercing hit it needs to be boosted or just a level 23 or higher.

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First off, no. It’s a visual glitch, at most it would yield 100 HC if we get anything.

Second, you can clearly see that the slider on the left says that scolo has 1313 HP, and the slider is the most updated version of stats, moves, etc. in raids.

This leads me to wonder tho, did you disconnect from the raid? These disconnects cause info to not update fast enough hence confusion like this.

Actually I never disconnected, but my friend did, so why would we all see it if one person disconnected? Because another friend saw it too. I could understand if it only was seen by the one person, but all of us. It still needs to be fixed. It’s messed up.

I agree that clot he’s do need to be fixed, but 25 Grypo? That’s a lot for something we get patched with no reward. Don’t believe me? Bug fix patches