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Well this is a new bug

Trying to do the daily battle to defeat 10 Dino’s to get the scarce boosts and now the Dino defeated count glitches out and disappears. So you toggle over to the map and come back and tada, all your work is gone. You started back at zero. Twice now this happened. Lost 5 Dino’s towards my 10 to get the freebie. Hasn’t the dev figured out yet that each time they fix something that isn’t broke, they break six other things.


Same thing happened to me 3 times, can’t collect daily incubator and even trophy count was not affected, too bad they were wins when I lost the trophies were deducted, It’s bug after bug … :frowning:

I thought that happened to me yesterday. Did some battles but when I checked later it was at 0/10…Another mystery.

They are genius to break something that worked fine. Every time I think that Ludia has reached the bottom but every time they know how to dig themselves even deeper.


When a counter atack Dino get stun is counter atack is disable but sometimes the stun last for 2 turns and the 2nd turn we get hit but again no counter atack
Ludia fix it

I find that if the counter attack dino is faster and when it is stunned, it loses 2 turns of counter attacks.
If the counter attack dino is slower, it only loses one turn of counter attack.

Thanks for letting us know, @JustAnUnknown, our team will look into it. If this happens again, try closing your game and then relaunching and see if that refreshes the defeat count.