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Well, this is a surprise


Its not often I have three rares outside of my home. Normally I’ll only see a Draco and MAYBE a Kapro or Utah one at a time.
Nice little treat~
Darted 230 on the Draco, highest yet.


The new holy trinity…

In the name of the Kapro, the Utah and the holy Draco, we dart. Can I get an amen :raised_hands:t4:


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I’ve been looking for utah, nowhere to be found. found about 5 dracorex though yay! - used a rare scent
If I get lucky tomorrow and get some good utasinoraptor fusions, I’ll post a video for utarinex fusing. :smiley:
Please no 10s! That would be nice! :grinning:


This guy just popped up too. Its a good night for rares ~


What do you mean no utah? They are in the store where you can purchase them for stupid money.


I stopped being excited over rare spawns like 6 months ago :wink:.

I still get excited for epics though, just as long as they aren’t Koolasuckus, Concave, Spino or Secondo. Finding any these 4 often makes me much more angry then not finding anything at all.


I live in the country so I don’t get many spawns at all. Its always nice when I see one or two rares. I barely see more than that unless I run into town. Lol

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Since when do we purchase states?
Let’s all purchase utah! I’m willing to give 167 dinobucks!