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Well this is interesting


Just fought this person. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Tryko on a level 12 before. I guess they bought a lot of of the trex incubators and are lucky enough to find it’s other components.

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Lol I’m level 18 and with all my resources being used to try to get tryko, my ankykentro is still not level 20. 150/250 to get to 20 still

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What i like is how their suchotator is their lowest level dino.


But, but, but, he spent lots of money, so Ludia loves him and refuses to ban his account.


I actually thought that was funny when I saw it.


He is clearly a local 5 player… where anky is so common you can have a level 17 raja, 21 tryko
On a level 12 account.


I actually just found one. Lol
Last time I saw one was during Christmas week


I saw this about 25 minutes ago, then i went on to play a battle in the game. And it was the exactly same guy! It didn’t seem like he knew that much about tactics, since my L23 indo and 20 pyri toko out his suchotator, tryko and ankyntro with ease. But yeah, i seems strange that a level 12 has that kind of dinos


I beat him pretty easy as well with my Monometro, Ankylocodon, and Indo.

My Anky is only lvl 17. Lol

I’m not calling him a cheater, he could be ligit and just very lucky. Lol


I don’r see a problem with it. The uniques were just created and not levelled up. Others are mostly 17. I think were going to have to except that there will be more low level teams getting uniques much faster then a lot of us did. And that is simply because they are getting free epic dna every week through the golden strike and even dino’s. Not to mention they could have also bought a few incubators.



I’m losing interest in playing.

This is getting ridiculous.

Bottom of ruins.

I beat him, but only because he lost connection.


They have good spawns in Taiwan…

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What alliance was that person in that OP posted?

I’ll bet it’s something something Taiwan.


They do.
Especially if you have the ability to move anywhere, quickly.

There is a known spoofer alliance there.

Not sure if you are aware.


@Jonny5 he’s actually in an alliance from the Netherlands

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Yeah I’m aware. Thinking about starting myself if it is going to remain allowed…lol just kidding

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It wasn’t taiwan, it was Hoard or Horde I think.