Well this sucks


Before the update, i had one green event point in my village. It was out in the countryside but i could get to it with a bit of a hike. After the update, +20 points appeared throughout my village; one next to my house. And today, there is not a single one…glitch or…?


If you’re not in a park, the green event stops seem to randomly rotate around.


But to not have a single one around? There used to be only one before the update and it was a fixed place. After the update, and after every batch of dinos; there were less and less green points until eventually…nada


They come and go a lot unfortunately. This morning I went to 2 of the parks I normally go to. The first one has usually 2-4 green drops, today it had 0 green drops. The second park usually has 15-17 green drops, today it had 4 green drops.

I don’t see why it has to change so much.


Sometimes they don’t show until you force restart the game. Make sure you’ve done that as well.


Ok, just took 6hrs long since the event start notification to appear but got green points now