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Well what should I do?🤔

This is my team me at lvl. 54 .Now my tapejalosaurous is at lvl 16 should I levl it up to 20??

I fear that after leveling it up I will face stronger Dino’s in the events…And it’s cool down timer is about 4 h now .So it’s costly to buy that back

Well I’m confused

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Well I think to not level it up
What do u guys think??

Well,I think yes,4 hours is not much,take a maxed Yukon as a example which takes a week to cool down,it is fine as long as you can use it 2-3 times in 24 hours.

No, don’t.

Your team is already unbalanced and not very deep.

Get more Dino’s of similar strength first.


If you are having to buy back creatures currently to complete events it’s a good sign your bench as it is right now is not deep enough. You should be able to complete all daily items with creatures left over in the same ferocity range before you start combining or leveling your existing bench.


It is not too unbalanced really.

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Account for the fact that the cooldown time , is lesser,so it would not be too much of a deal if he is able to play 2 times or so a day.

You top dinos Ferocity are:

And you want to increase the 2487 (your second one)?

PvE is based off of your top 3 dinos.


Leveling it up won’t make too much of a difference.

Yes, it will make PvE slightly harder, but not too noticible. Just learn how to beat creatures with much higher ferocity levels and you should be fine.

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You’re not wrong, but he is already look at a 1000F spread if he has to use outside of his top 6 dinos.

I guess I’m at the point, where I like to do all of my playing in the morning in one sitting. (In the beginning, it took two or three times a few hours apart.)

The other problem, is if he has a single class only event (say for an unlock) and has to use all amphibians vs all Birds, he won’t have a chance right now.

We’ve had Bird unlocks that required 4 battles and 1x Amphibians followed by 2x, 3x and 3x. His current line up won’t be able to do that.

And until you’ve been playing for many months, unlocks are the most important things.


I once had a very tough event too. Don’t worry, some events are made to be extra tough… You’ll get opponents of matching stats in the next ones.:smiley:

I believe he can raise his ferocity as long as the cooldown remains less than 6 hours,so that he can use the higher ferocity creatures multiple times.

Just give them a raise,it would be worth asking if this was fusing 2 level 20s or something of that sort,but regarding a already fused dino,I do not think,because you are suggesting to not go further,but he/she has already went into the range where it is at a higher ferocity,ferocity is a similar range,not a fixed number,if it has already reached the range where it is in the wrong range,it will not affect much,atleast according to me,I am just fusing my Alangasaurus to level 31 at the moment and it will not be alone,whenever I raise my ferocity,I make sure to raise the ferocity of multiple creatures,right now I will raise the ferocity of Zhejiangopterus,Suchomimus,T Rex and Velociraptor to match that of Alangasaurus , so I can safely lift it. I have 4 more T Rex hatching for that reason,I will also lift the barrier on Spinosaurus and Postosuchus soon,not sure exactly when,but surely soon.

Folks can do what they like, the OP asked for an opinion and that is what we are all laying out. Our opinion on what we see, doesn’t make any of us wrong or right, just our perception of their lineup and how we would approach the question of “what should I do?”.

My advice was more broad in that if the OP is already paying for cool downs with their line up in its current state I would hold off leveling anything until I got to the point based on my play style (once a day, twice a day, three times a day, and so on) where I was not having to pay for cool downs to complete events. At that point I would look to start raising my bench up in a methodical way. Again this would be my approach and that might not be right for everyone but it is my answer to the question that was posed.


I’m going to echo @Timmah and @Sionsith comments. Get a deeper bench before worrying about getting a stronger bench


By the way what are your top 10 dinos??

Just curious^^

Suchomimus Level 30
Alangasaurus 40
Raptor 40
T Rex 20(will be 30 in a day,4 are in the hatchery)
Itchyostega 20
Pteranodon 20(will get another once I get some more DNA)
Shunosaurus 20
Zhejiangopterus 30(will be 40 soon)

I raised the ferocity of my Suchomimus and Alangasaurus only because although they are higher,they are just manageable enough for me to be able to use multiple times a day,hence letting me complete my events.

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Well thats nice

Well i think i must first try to get a deeper bench than a stronger one as @Sionsith and others said…