Well, Won't Do That Again

So I decided to do a tapjoy in order to grab an epic scent in hopes of drawing Titanoboa out of its lair:
Now, I wasn’t expecting a miracle, I just thought I’d boost my odds. The results were underwhelming to put it lightly.
Now, I know that the scent only promises one epic, and the chances of attracting “de snek” are slimmer than Titanoboa itself, but just… Ouch!


In case you didn’t know, walking far enough between scent spawns will make 2 dinos appear instead of 1. You might’ve already known that, but it’d boost your chances

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Yeah definitely keep walking while hunting, its true that scents spawn something every other minute but while moving it draws out others in between! Just don’t stand in one place!

Also you are best to get 5 rare scents for the price of 1 epic scent, as thats 100mins of active scents as opposed to 1 20min epic scent…plus you can still get epics from rare and even common scents!


I know all of this, but as I was stuck stationary, I decided to give it a try. Consensus? Not worth it! This is why I’m hitting ennui with the game. Inclement weather prevents my hunting.

Ouch! That’s painful!

I’ve actually been debating all week about buying an epic scent and launch it at a park (I have my eyes on you Zone 4! :eyes:). The last time I used an epic scent, there was so much anxiety about if I was going to get the creature I wanted. Luckily I did (Woolly Rhino right away).

I think the only thing that is preventing me now from buying an epic scent is wanting to save as much of my cash as I can in case I need coins for leveling up and epic tower retries.