Well would you look at that!

Another big Hard Cash sale in the store… the day before boosts are available.

Imagine that. I’ll pass.


I don’t see a sale for me.

I hit a different sale today…


It’s the premium incubator in the 5 incubator banner ad at the top of the store.

I’ve seen you talk about this in another thread. I’m going to give it a try myself.

Is it hard to reach lvl 16 hq though?

The more expensive these “Micro” transactions are, the easier and more satisfying it is when I ignore them.

I actually used to get off on clicking pass on the “One Time” level up offers.
Sadly when I got to 20 they want away :(.

Must be nice. Us, iOS users, don’t have that privilege. Though I probably wouldn’t have the time to complete enough to make much of a difference.

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Its worth the effort for some of the games. They’re usually worth at least a few thousand. Those are the ones i focus on usually. I’m running out of games now though. I’ve pretty much done them all or attempted to.

Yes, if people attack you and steal millions of resources. I had to teleport once or twice to avoid stalkers who attacked relentlessly every day. I had to kinda babysit that one to make it to level 16.

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good for you you want a cookie :joy::joy: thats what my daughter tells me


Its probably worth it to get a 2nd device that can access these offers. Just a cheap phone that runs solely on wifi. You’ll earn a ton of JWA cash and forget about the little bit that you had to spend on the phone. If you have time to do the offers, that is.

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I just level it up to 15, this has been 1 of tge most grueling offers Ive done

This 99.99 incubator is extremely over priced anyway. For example I could pre-order the new Doom game and still have 40$ left. And I know what I’m getting when I do that.

For all we know we would get the worst dna the incubators have to offer. Ludia is really over pricing there micro transactions by far. It has good stuff in it, yes. However, its really never worth the gamble especially at 100$. They’re out of there mind.

And all I do is work work work. So I have money. And There’s now way I’m buying that. Now a dilo for sure incubator at 9.99 heck yeah I’d sell them out. But this and the 10k premiums are out of this world. They wonder why boosts sell better…

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I wouldn’t have much time anyway, but props for you as it takes dedication for those games on the side.

Also, good game, I just battled you in the arena. You have a beast of a Tryko. Almost 8k health. I’ve read around you have monster of a t rex too. I go by the name Sergio

Good game, man! Yeah i have some heavy hitting chompers. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. Haha

Yeah that offer is rough. I wasn’t sure if i was gonna be able to finish it after this one guy pillaged my base a couple times while i was sleeping. I had to save a couple shields for the end and use most of the gold to boost the resource buildings every day. I think i started that offer on the 4th and just finished it about 12 hours ago.

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Whenever I see this insanity I just laugh and click back to the map!

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While I completely agree about their pricing tiers im pretty sure its done that way by design. Ive read some developers make up to 6 figures a day off of tapjoy. With jwa high prices they get the revenue off the people who spend the hard cash and the people that do tapjoy… ive found some offers on tapjoy even if i spend 5 bucks… like the offer to make a stash deposit… i got like 4.5k hard cash… try to get 4.5k hard cash directly from Ludia for 5 bucks.

Now personally I think their still cutting into their own profits even compare something to vip in this game with what you get for 10 bucks a month to something like clash royales 4.99 battle pass.