Can’t wait to get this reward lol


Seems sus.
Tell us how it goes

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Will do


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I checked, it’s real.

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Only 10, but it’s better than nothing!


Well, I know what I’ll be doing later.

Also got 10

Actually not a troll

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Quick question: When will this reward no longer be available? I really need it but JWA hasn’t been working recently, and it won’t work until Tuesday so…

It’s gone at Wednesday reset.


Thank you, that’s good to know.

What are the opponents?

First is a boosted Arctodus, level 16
Second is a level 22 boosted Vasilias
And the final one is a boosted level 25 panda boss.

First battle: lvl 16 Arctodus
Secod battle: lvl 22 Arctovasilas
Third battle: lvl 25 panda boss

Easier than expected. Thyla and Spinocon carried it all the way.

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Wait level 22??? Also does it have bleed resist or cleanse?

No, Arctovasilas can be bled just fine. Just use some decently strong and fast bleeders and you might be able to get through.

Thyla, Dimod, S Tator, Acro?

I beat the Deer-bear with Sucho alone.
These were some sweet rewards with relative ease, Thanks Ludia!

Thyla bleed
Then rend
Suchotator bleed (takes devastation)
Whatever is needed for cleanup (Thor/MR/ etc)

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