Welp...guess I can’t stop on the side of the road anymore


I’m watching as for the past several hours it’s been snowing with no signs of it letting up.

Winter may or may not have come to my area, no predictions of it melting.

So this brings up a thing I mentioned in a different thread last month, I believe it was, wherein I hope Lydia has some sort of consideration for the spawn rates/frequency/rotation/etc for the players as we get into progressively worse weather.

It’s going to be too dangerous or otherwise prohibitive for even so much as pulling over on back roads, let alone in more public, populated areas due to practicing safe driving sense.

Even those walking will be heavily discouraged as standing out in the cold and walking icy, wet areas will be hazardous and mostly, if not wholly, dismissed as simply not worth the bother.

If one takes the bus, they’ll probably continue as normal but I really hope the next patch at least ATTEMPTS to address the reality that summer is over and coasting on the current path of contention will only discourage people from continuing.

I like this game but between the growing resentment of coin starvation, a lack of active communication on specific upcoming changes (we always wait until an update hits out of nowhere), and the reality that as much as we want to see this game succeed, we’re quite susceptible to a plethora of complaints -both logical and petty- and it turns into a bit of an odd mix of guilty pleasure meets stressful annoyance.


I get DNA out walking, or passenger on the bus.
Very slow going getting DNA out walking as so few dinos spawn in areas I walk, so car users have a huge advantage by being able to cover the miles quickly and grab the useful DNA. Definitely needs more variety and number of spawns for on foot players (walking seems to always cover same JWA spawn area as always same old set of dinos)


I played pokemon when it got cold but I could throw balls with a pen with gloves on. I just tried to see how I do with darting. Seems to be OK.

Standing outside to do a 5 or 7 battle strike tower even with gloves on if I can’t find one I can part under doesn’t seem too appealing. I don’t have sidewalks in front of my home and I’m on a main road. No way I’m gong out walking once the snow comes. I’ll be back to the PS VR and what ever new games came out over the last 6 months.

I plan to drop VIP after this month. I’m getting worn and lost interest in the pvp. Like any game like this, I get burned out with it in a few months or so. Maybe after a break, I’ll pick it back up in the spring unless I have something other going. I may instead jump back to pokemon because the app works better than putting up the this god awful never ending disconnects and GPS hang-ups.


I went out the other day for dna and can confirm that trying to aim when you’re screens constantly getting covered in rain makes it tricky


I know once it gets too cold I wont be able to do the game. My screen refuses to read my stylus for darting, and wont read my fingers through gloves. Im disabled as well, so walking kinda sucks all the time anyways, with a baby that i refuse to make uncomfortable to simply play a game. Right now its fine, I just put him in a onesie to keep him cool. But when the ice hits my area no amount of bundling will be enough without giving him a rash. Coupled with the cold making it more painful for me to walk. No idea what I will do.


Being rural already made this game a bit of a hit or miss experience, so I feel less bad about feeling compelled to make this topic now to see more reasonable viewpoints from others likely giving it up for at least a little while.

Now if you’ll excuse me, gotta go chop up some kindling for the fireplace.