Welp...I finally goofed; evolved by accident


I hope one day we get some sort of incentive to level up everything to 30 because I don’t see how it can be justified to not have a toggle lock on specific dinosaurs.image

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Ugh that’s a rough one too with three hybrids. Sorry that happened. :sob:

Something that I’ve always done is “grab” the name if I want to scroll down, as a result my finger doesn’t go near the big shiny “Evolve” button. So far it’s help be avoid this issue but time will tell. After all, nothing is fool proof to a determined fool. :joy:

Yep that sucks. I did it once with this guy buy luckily it doesn’t really matter as its Dimetrodon that holds you back (well me anyway). Nodopatosaurus is about as bad as you can get other than Velociraptor or Indominus maybe?image

Screenshot_20181019-205751 I feel ya, probably the only two with a level 16.

Happened to my nodo as well because the game lagged while scrolling.

I fought level 21 today

Nodopatos were one of the best tanks back early in the game too, then they got nerfed heavily.

How did it fare?

OUCH! Id be fuming too! And Nodopato of all dinosaurs! :open_mouth:

Oof :frowning: 10 oofs

It was the opener.
My opener is usually suchotator.
So…that nodopatosaurus did not do well. :smiley:

I feel your pain; did that to Kentrosaurus :sob: