Welp, its gotten to that point

I’ve been stuck at home for so long I’m noticing damage similarities with my creatures. :laughing:

I use an oddball assortment of creatures for strikes that aren’t normally on my team, and today for the defense I was using my Tryo:

I noticed that without a crit when I use RTC + DSR its damage is the exact same as my Thors DSI. :rofl:


Which is 3209 damage.

I’ve notice some other similarities between some of my creatures as well that I didn’t notice before.

The things you notice while stuck in your home. :laughing:


I hate when so many different creatures have 1000 damage. It makes it seem like it will do the same damage as others with 1000 damage, and you will usually see the same numbers in friendly battles which starts to get boring after a bit… can’t they just raise them by 10-50 damage? :man_shrugging:

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That doesn’t bother me, I think its kinda cool when two creatures with completely different damages can do similar damage based off their move combos.

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Did you know that Yoshi and velo have the exact same unboosted 1x damage at all levels?

And both Indoms have same health and damage

A neat detail, both of my Indos are at tier 5 Attack boost and level 25, and OG Indo’s attack just happens to be 1520, while Indo Gen 2’s attack is exactly 1500, a nod to the fact that OG Indo’s attack is exactly 20 points more than IG2’s.

Unboosted, at any given level, Thor’s crit DSR damage is equal to his health level.

A fresh level 21 Spyx deals as much damage as its health(2350 for Precise Rampage)

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