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Welp... we have the first maxed boosted dino

Not my picture or my dino

But here we have the first seen level 30 maxed tier 10 attack and hp magna in the game. Absolutely insane


Ludia: Nothing to see here. Move along.


Pretty much

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Ludia says thanks all the way to the bank.



Also very accurate lol

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Yeah, that cost a pretty penny i’m sure. At least we know what a maxed Magna looks like.

Clearly bought all the boosts?

Ban :hammer: :joy::joy::joy:

They really should give harsh consequences

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That took over 80k cash to max those 2 stats. That just goes to show what a glitch in the boost system allows when there is a momentary unlimited sale glitch

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Yikes! :cry::sob:

That abomination would eat my entire Team… along with half of my Dinodex.


What a joke

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Won’t ban. Already set a precedent allowing tournament be exploited. They will say this is the same.

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Well I mean there’s only one of them, so it’s a “significantly low” problem, right?? :upside_down_face:

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And they’ll only get it in battle 50% of the time, so it’s even less significant.

What makes you think this is their only maxed boosted beast? :rofl:

ok, so it’s significantly less significant than the significance of having more than one significantly boosted dino.


you know ludia soo badly wants to just put unlimited boosts in the shop. at this point i wouldn’t blame them either if people are willing to spend $500/dino to max boost them. go ahead and don’t cap tiers too


Are we having fun yet?


Jwa field guide. U can see what a maxed anything looks like at any level :+1:t3: that’s how I knew this was tier 10

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The T. rex is normal. Damage is tier 6 health is tier 5

@TheMaxx I believe