Wen the update

Can’t wait for the upcoming updates soon I hope

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I can’t wait, too! I think the update will come out in October or November.


Sweet be nice im working on the gen 2 spino for the new fusen

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Yea but first let’s just wait for the new creature

Unfortunately, no new creature is going to come out. It’s just the Ouroboros boss…

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Next Update Is Alpha 06 Playable Boss Because Halloween Coming

That doesn’t sound like content of an update but rather just an event.

What no
Why did they show the swamp then

That’s where most massive snakes live , tropical rainforest and swamps. Take anaconda for example .


Super genius Screenshot_20210917-194350_Samsung Internet

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@Stapesh90 Ouroborus living in a swamp tho…that electified body would electrify all the creatures that live in the swamp :open_mouth:

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Alpha 06 as a Playable Boss?

They used the same poster when the boss came out.

Yes Because Halloween Coming. Every Year Halloween Ludia Launch Alpha 06 Boss Event.and Coming Holloween Update 55 Is Coming So Ludia Launches Alpha 06 Unlock Playable Boss And Alpha 06 New Boss Mod And Other Bosses 2nd Mod Ludia Launch. This Is Update 55.

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If that were true , beaches will be closed because of rays in ocean. Anyway parts of Amazon river gives electric discharge so ouroborus66 will be home.

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What if alpha is released as an omega skin

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I disagree. I don’t think the next playable boss is Alpha 06

All the sea creatures will be gone :open_mouth:

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Y u say that for

Yes Because It’s Animation Look Like Omega Animation