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Wen u think we get the update

Hope some awesome dinos

I assume a new collectable boss, probs salamander, and some cool new hybrids, hopefully a new amphibian S-Hybrid or tournament hybrid (hint hint Ludia).


Ya be awesome for new one s-super Hybrid or hybrids exspshly if t Rex hybrid with anklysores

Probably not before may 21st. Cause Camp cretaceous


Tru that one

God I am hoping they raise the level cap so I can unlock more tile expansions on Isla Sorna.

God-tier update if Ludia adds more legendary S-hybrids, and Amphib Tournament Hybrids.


Yes ve awesome a S-Hybrid like a new stago or t Rex super

T-rex and Stego both already have hybrids and are the base creatures in super hybrids.
So very very unlikely they would use them in new ones.
Only way I could see them doing either is if they added a gen 2 Stego


Tru that be cool a nather anpben S-Hybired