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Wens the new update

Hope some awesome dinos

I hope something with locked creatures

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yessss I really want dimorphodon, ostafrikasaurus, and micrposaurus.

All of them are currently unlockable, there isn’t a need of update for those creatures.

If you’re level 55 above then you need to wait for a Monday unlock of those three creatures.


we should get a week for unlocking rare, super rare, and legendary dinos like

rare:nasuto, ramperynchus,pyroraptor and giganotosaurus
super rares: supersaurus, aerotitan, spino, and metriorhynchus
legs: dimorphodon, theriz, ostafrikasas, and microposaurus

Rhamphorhynchus, Spinosaurus, and all of the Legendaries you listed are already part of the rotation. Just keep playing


and pyroraptor???

Pyroraptor isn’t a part of the current rotation.

noooooooo whyy I want pyro

Unfortunately, Pyroraptor, Gigantosaurus, Aerotitan, and Metriorhynchus are all locked.

Supersaurus does turn up periodically as the prize in the lightweight bracket of certain bracketed tournaments.

For locked creatures, you’ll just have to grind the game for copies.


So do I… So do I.

But this is an advice from a fellow Post-reshuffle player, don’t think too much about the rest of base creature unlocks. You’ll get enough copies sooner or later.

Trust me. I myself didn’t believe this when I was given this advice.

Like this i made today…

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bullyyyyy i just got a lvl 10

The next update is coming out soon! It is almost entirely focused on updating our systems to be compliant with new rules and operating systems as such most players will not notice anything different. No release notes are planned.


Uhhh I want new creatures or new unlockables

There are new creatures coming, they are just not being added with the next update.


but please can you make pyroraptor, rajasaurus, and other creatures unlockable? PLEASE

@Keith has already explained to us that Ludia currently has no plans for those unlock events.

I joined the Forum and the Game in early 2020, so naturally I also have the same wish but there is nothing we can do beyond be patient for those unlocks to come around.

Once you get to a particular position in the Game, you won’t even feel the need for these unlocks. If you see some of my older topics and posts, then you would see that I had the same requests.

Patience is the key to anything and everything in JWTG. Trust me. I’m saying this only because I have been through this exact same situation not too long ago.


im sorry its just that… I really want pyroraptor, raja, rhamperynchus, and aerotitan!!

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So do I.

Rhamphorhynchus is in the rotation, you need to wait for an Unlock Week.

As for Pyroraptor, Rajasaurus and Aerotitan your only option is card packs, spin wheels and trades.

For now…