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Went from 4699 to 4300. Matchmaking issues. Tried everything. Help

How to people like me who have basically no boosts since the update and can’t pay to play? I had plenty before and was at least able to stay on slow but steady climb. Now I’m being consistently matched against dinos way above mine and way more boosted. I’m fine with a good challenge, but an impossible challenge where I feel I’m being set up to fail because I don’t subscribe (can’t - fixed income, disabled) despite really working extra hard to keep up? I feel like I’m going to drop at least two arenas now, and I can’t seem to get a single incubator. I’ve tried balancing, I’ve tried rotating team members, but nothing works. I don’t have a single unique yet despite my hard work (people say “it’s easy to get a unique… like I do raptor… but if you don’t play or subscribe, it’s NOT) and I work freaking HARD to get where I’m at. I watch YouTube videos, read suggestions online, have the field guide. Yet, I cannot seem to get anywhere since the update. Somebody HELP lol :grimacing::upside_down_face::cry:

Depois da atualização, ficou complicado para todos os jogadores. Eu desabei na classificação.
Pior que o vício ao jogo não me deixa excluir.

I’m in the same situation. I’ve dropped roughly 400 trophies since the update similar scores to yours.
Hopefully things will settle eventually and ban me out again. Until then hang in there dude.

Thanks! It’s painful. I’ve tried everything I can. I’m hoping Ludia will fix the massive imbalances in the arenas sooner vs later, but they seem to be defending their reasoning behind the 1.10 update, which is understandable, but hard for us nonetheless. I also suspect I’m being matched against the “pity” AI after I lose lots of games, and I could beat the AI before the update. Now I cannot seem to because the AI’s creatures appear to be boosted according to the old system of 1.9.

Maybe try a new line up. I figure I’m going down ranks so it’s maybe a good time to experiment and try some unused dinos.
Keep one or two of the stronger ones from the current line up and have fun with some new toys.
I get how frustrating it is, and more than a few times over the last week I’ve considered quitting but let’s persevere and see what happens eh!