Went VIP


So, I pulled the plug and went VIP.
200 meter range, nice.
1/3 more battery range, nice.
One free mega incubator, nice.
Extra special super sweet deals in the market.

Dinos still two steps in the circle, which means out of range.
Slightly more DNA from battery, 33% more? Jury still out but not hopeful.
The incubator was awesome, would be sweet to be more than a one time deal.
Extra special super sweet deals in the market really just means they will ALLOW you to spend fifty real dollars to buy an overpriced dinobator.

Yes, the extended range has a slight advantage, but everything still seems to be “just out of range”.

Probably a one month deal for me.


Before you decided to pull the plug, had you performed a quick check on how much the circle would roughly expand with the additional 50m coverage? My understanding is the spawn locations would have still remained same as they are globally generated.

What would matter is if many of the dinos that you couldn’t reach within 150m range can be reached with the upgraded 200m range!


Ah, you figured I wasn’t capable of comprehending that extra 33% range equated to a 77% increase in surface area? Is that it? I can assure you, I’m capable of comprehending the extra 50 meters is a third more than one fifty.

No, what I stated is that the Dinos are still just “out of range”. It’s a simple statement.


The 33 percent battery life is the main attraction of VIP IMHO. Pretty much 0.33 more DNA per encounter.


No meaning 33%. When you approach close, you can acquire more DNA. When I cancelled my VIP, it was hard to get DNA. But, soon, I could acquire slightly less DNA. Now, I satisfy this game never spending any more money. When I was a member, dinos appeared just over 200m. Now they appear just over 150m. Ludia makes it happen. Don’t need any more VIP unless Ludia change or upgrade the merit.


Enjoy this game without spending any money. I regret to spend lots of money to become VIP and one time offer whenever I levelled up…even though I need to spend more real money to get what I want in this game. more more more…but, now stopped to spend my money and happy. Just a little slow. I found that I can’t get all dinos like other cheaters or rich men.


Sorry to crush your dreams but they don’t care at all where you are since many spawns points are fixed…

I don’t know how this would even be possible “Hmm there are 3 players around 1 VIP 2 non VIP let’s try to pop a dino at 202 meters from VIP one and little more than 150m for others”

What you are talking about is a confirmation bias

And back to the topic, extended battery & range make the difference, but it was way better when we had higher coins limit. It was worth the grind


Nests are fixed points.
Spawn points, not so much.

Unless you have reverse engineered the code or work for Ludia, you are just assuming incorrectly how things work.


Corrected to reflect what it was meant to be