We're 3 hardcore players looking for an allience

Hello Jurassic World Alive Family!! Well, this post it’s because we’re looking for an allience. We were in one, but of 27 members that we were, just we three did the hard work, with a very little help of other few members, at the end of this allience’s challenges we’re tired and a bit disappointed because we worked so hard and we just get the rank 3 and in the other missions we couldn’t pass from the first ‘daily battle incubator mission’ because of the lack of active players, we 3 just could get 20 of that incubators.

Please, if you are looking for active pleayers we are the perfect ones, we’re 3 players our trophies are: 3800, 2900 and one of 2500. If you want us in your allience please write on this post the name of your alience.

Moldavita #0556

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EpicRaptors we are an active alliance. Looking for good players. The alliance may be full but we accept request still.

Raptor hunters will take all 3, we are also on discord, which we need our alliance members to join.

‘Raptor Raptor’ alliance is looking for some active members, we have some dead weight we’re trying to replace. I’m lvl 18 4200 trophies and my wife also plays a lot and is almost lvl 16 at 3100 trophies, we have 6 other siblings and in-laws that play and several other very active members
We’d love for you to join up

Please let me know your in game names so we know to add you

My name: Xander#7067, my huisband: MistakenPoodle16#8725

Swedish carnos are looking to fill up our last 4 spots with some active players to grind out alliance missions as effectivly as possible, your trophie count doesnt really matter, and no you don’t have to be swedish :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::+1:

Hit me up if interested either here or add me ingame Mayhem#6004

Mee!! I want you alliance is TJC2019 player name is MrsVlazqz 4658. We are very active and happy for more help! We’re doing good on the mission but the more the merrier

Big Blue needs active players

You van also join clawsunitedXXL

You can join Specialized Hunters.

Or send me a friend request to Quicksilver#6040

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Active player looking for new alliance. Player level 11 and 2600 trophies.

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Thx to everyone but we got a new alliance!


Thanks guys! It was difficult to make a decision; fortunately we three found an allience. I hope this post had helped others to find an allience too :slight_smile:

Hi! I know you’ve received a number of offers but I like to throw out one more. We just started our alliance - XYZalliance- and looking to get more members on board. We have some seasoned players but open to all levels. All we want is for teammates to have fun and enjoy the game. Hope to see you there!

We have a few spots open in Jurassic Park1! Open to all levels as long as your active.

Hello did you get a new alliance? Mine is TJC2019 we are very active and share a lot.

RogueRaptors- Small and new and looking for players just like you. With just two members, we almost finished the bronze incubator level. Our two members are 2705, and 3522.