Were should i go next?

I thought to ask for some advice here. My final goal is Indoraptor, but how do i get there? I was thinking about some level 30 VIPs as the next step towards that, and i like to focus on non carnis

I don’t see Segnosuchus in your line up so that is where I would go next. I see you have Metriaphodon so that is good. If I was aiming at Indoraptor I would start making a fleet of Metri’s and Segno’s with Gorgosuchus as backups.

My 2 cents.


Could i level up some Monostegos intead of Segnosuchus?
I know it sounds stupid, but i really don’t like looking at Segnosuchus :joy:. Literally the only reason i have not made it :joy:
Thanks for the tip anyway

From next week PvE rewards will include monostegotops S-DNA. So , it would be easier to make two level 20 Mono , and maybe one additional. If you don’t like Segnosuchus, my advice is not to make it .

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If you personal like or dislike a creature should not be a part of your considerations for a strong lineup.
Admit it, it is a beauty. It reminds me of Montgomery Burns.

Screenshot_20200229-212653_Jurassic World


Yes you could level up some Monostegotops but here is a question for you from a long term perspective. How will you feel when you need to have 5-6 lvl 40 Monostegotops when you could have 5-6 lvl 20-30 Segnosuchus? Not to mention the cool down time on the Monostegotop will be much longer than the Segnosuchus. Also keeping in mind for future proofing your Super Rare lineup and what might happen with a Super Rare only event / tournament.


I shouldn’t, i know. But it does. I really hate it :joy:
Maybe i’ll get over it. Thanks for the tips anyway
I’ll be working on some more Metriaphodons in the meantime. I think a level 20 is on par with Indo level 1?

FYI - I started a topic a few weeks back specifically on this question you may want to check out. Changing the PvE events to have more rounds, with typically only one day to complete them in particular has definitely made it more challenging to safely add a slew of Indoraptors.


The problem with super rare s-hybrids is that they mess up your line team…

I am just above you in the ferocity of my lineup.

I have my super rare hybrids at level 20.
I have my VIP dinos at 30.
I have 6 indoraptors at lvl 1
I have all my tourney dinos at lvl 40.

My lineup works well for me. I cant add pics atm, maybe later I will.


Not really.

My ferocity is all pretty close together.

lvl 1 indo
lvl ~15 metra and stegno
lvl 20 monostegos
lvl 20 spinota
lvl 30 ostaposaurus
lvl 30 vips

thats just what I can name off the top of my lineup.


That’s really helpful, thanks!
And happy birthday!


Happy Birthday @OstaposaurusBae


Oh wow it’s my anniversary :sweat_smile:

Funny I got so confused because my actual birthday is this Friday.

Thanks @Kiarash_Bahar and @Sionsith