Were we just bambozled?

So as you all know the new creature of the month is ugh…stygimoloch

As garbage as that it is and trust me its garbage this quite that @Starlinger27 pointed out on the announcement thread me ask myself did they change this last second?

Cause when i think stygimoloch who is bet know for oh I don’t know BASHING ITS SKULL AGAINST THINGS I think of its whip like tail that can break bones of attackers instead of know head butting them.

So then it dawned on me…it was gonna probably be either sorna or diplodocus. Mostly dippy since that one of the dinosaur’s prominent feature and for some raptor forsaken reason they changed it to stygi last minute. Again this is just a theory…a Jurassic theo, nah I’m not gonna sink that low.

Again I’m not sure if that is what happen or there was just some miss communication, but if thats what actually happened then ludia you have sunken sooo low. And thats saying a lot. Like you actually went and this you literally went


Imagine that little tailie breaking anything lol


Ya look how whip like and powerful it is


I already feel my bones being crushed


They might have changed it because of people complaining about the exclusive uniques being too easily obtainable, even though all of them (Maxima, Gemini, Skoona) are balanced now.


So then its shouldn’t be a problem? Why just anger everyone and give stygi of all things even something like Rex, acro, kentro, anky just something but stygi?

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Plus like you said their balanced so why not give their exclusive components out help both veterans and new players


Yeah if they really want to give us a a spawnable Dino they could have given us something that requires multiple uniques. But it should have been an exclusive.

My theory is they never planned on letting arco stay in the wild. But then they Stuck it in a local spawn rather then global spawn. When people started complaining they decided to leave arco like it is and change the monthly to a low value non exclusive.

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True but even the the whip like tail still would make sense for acro

But honestly if they were would have it been that it’s technically a wild spawn but brand new and it would help with the hybrids so people could gain it faster epically if they wanted to give us a gift but idk what goes on in ludias mind sometimes

Completely agree with you there. Maybe they really want us to use up those FIPs? I’m not even sure they sell them in the store though (shhh don’t give them any ideas lol).


Hey look on the bright side it could be worse, they could make stygimoloch the monthly creature😏


At least I won’t feel the pressure to complete my daily tasks this month


I think there’s evidence that Acro was always intended to be a permenant local spawn.

  1. “Exclusive” (event only) seems to be the default state when all dinos are added, so Acro appearing as exclusive when it leaked early doesn’t mean that’s what it was originally intended to be. Ludia designating it as a local spawn ever since it was officially released suggests that this spawn was intentional, since they would have probably had to go out of their way to change this in the description.
  2. If Acro was exclusive, Acrocanthops would have two exclusive ingredients, which hasn’t existed in the game before. That’s not to say it could never happen though. But if dinos with exclusive ingredients are supposed to be superior to their counterparts, then Acrocanthops should be clearly better than every other legendary, and it doesn’t appear to be.
  3. In 2.2, zone 3 was the only zone that didn’t get a new spawn. Acro being found in zone 3 gives them this spawn. It can’t be a coincidence that this is the zone that it spawned in.
  4. Since 2.0, all of the zones have had equivalent spawns (same number of each rarity at each time of day), up until 2.2. It’s reasonable to say that all the zones will eventually be equivalent again, meaning that each zone will have received a new anytime common (like glyptodon), a new anytime rare (like Andrewsarchus), and a new daytime epic (like Troodon). Acrocanthosaurus happens to fulfill the “Troodon” spawn requirement for zone 3 perfectly.
  5. Even if Acro was never meant to be exclusive, it benefitted Ludia to have people think that it might be. More time playing, buying epic scents, and more sales of the special Acrocanthosaurus incubators. This might explain their hesitation to confirm whether or not it would be exclusive until today, near the end of the week, and days after the incubator went on sale.
  6. The fact that Acro was a local spawn at all, and stayed that way. Ludia makes mistakes sometimes (read: all the time), but they’re not that incompetent. Any event spawn would have/should have been available globally, so if it was an exclusive event spawn, they would have fixed this on the first day Acro was out. But they never changed it, nor made any indication that they were going to.

Granted, none of these by themselves guarantee that Acro was never intended to be exclusive. But together, the sum of the evidence suggests that this was the case.


None of that explains why it only spawned in one local during the “event” because local spawns can be hybrid pursuit spawns. It could have easily spawned globally for a week then reverted to a local 3 spawn.

This is the first event spawn I’m aware of that’s been tied only to a single local.

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Exactly. The fact that it was a local spawn at all suggests that it was never an event spawn in the first place. It was basically a local spawn that they released late and gave extra promotion. Does that make it an event? Maybe? It would be weird to have a true (exclusive) event spawn be tied to a single locality. But as you said, they’ve never done that before, and they would have fixed it if it wasn’t intentional. It sucks that not everyone has had equal access to it so far, but since it will be sticking around (and likely was always supposed to), at least everyone will have a chance to get it eventually.

What I’m saying is they said it was a special event but what they really did was just add it as a regular spawn. Which is a normal Ludia blunder.

Nothing this company has ever done makes me think they go into as much effort with spawns as you did to make that point.

The fact that it was local 3 that went without a new spawn in 2.2 is just typical Ludia to me. 3 has probaly spent more time as the worse local then any other local in the game.

A hybrid with 2 exclusive may be new to the game but certainly not out of Ludias domain. Could very well have been something they planned for in 2.2 but then after the patch realized they forgot a l3 spawn.

Lol I guess I wouldn’t put it past them to mess up like that. Although for the record, they never said that Acrocanthosaurus was part of a “special event” or even implied that it would have limited availability.

So while I wouldn’t be too surprised by Ludia messing up the spawning in one of their events, the fact that they never fixed it says a lot. And I have seen no evidence to suggest that Acro was ever supposed to be exclusive in the first place.


If arco wasn’t supposed to be part of the Halloween event why wait until the week of halloween to “release him” why did all other locals able to dart their new spawns from day 1 of 2.2. And why not make a separate announcement for him.

Honestly I’m not sure why they waited. I guess they wanted to play off his spookiness or something? Especially since Acro was so anticipated, even before it was leaked last month. But nothing about their announcement implies exclusivity. They said “during this spooky week” as opposed to “as part of this event”, and “you will be introduced to Acrocanthosaurus” instead of “you will have the chance to dart Acrocanthosaurus” (with “introduced” implying that this is the first time Acro would be available, but that we would continue to be able to dart him in the future). Nowhere do they spell out “Acrocanthosaurus will only be dartable this week as part of the Halloween Event”. But maybe I’m just reading into it too much? :man_shrugging: Granted, they’ve never said when a Holiday event spawn would be exclusively before, as far as I can tell (looking at you, Mammoth from winter 2019).