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Weren't this week's rares supposed to go for another day?

Based on this week’s event chart, the event rares should continue through Friday. However, the counter on the green drops indicates it’s ending a day early. Maybe they’ll be back again for another 24h after these expire? I hope so! Have been visiting friends and family and unable to hunt much, I was looking forward to getting the rest of my Rex g2 tomorrow and making some progress on my Indo g2.

It’s seems that this is just another bug. So we will lose one day of rare dinos.

Is this a bug @Ned? Usually rare dinos ends on Saturday, before epic ones start.

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I’m not sure this is what’s happening, but what I hope it means is that the green stops will reset at the shown time of expiration. So the green stops will all move like they do when they expire, but the new green stops will still give out rares. They may be doing it different this week to make room for the Indominus Rex.


That’s what I’m kind of hoping …

Though, as far as I know that never happened before.

Maybe they’ll mess it up and we’ll get (whatever’s left of our) 18 attempts on Indom :wink: