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Wether you pay or play it’s all a gamble

This game is made up out of so much “chance” percentages that it’s more likely you’ll become Poker champion than be No. 1 on the leaderboard. Doesn’t matter if you buy something with hard cash (scents or incubators) or just play. It’s all about chance. Many of us already know this but still I just wanted to point it out and have all the chance based stuff put together. This doesn’t even include the random match-ups and random picking of your team…

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The most annoying thing is your opponents always get the chance.
But what’s worse is that you have invested your time to beat an epic strike and you get Irritator,Suchomimus,Lythronax and Majungasaurus.


Patch notes are a gamble :slight_smile: Which bug is going to be fixed? It’s a 50/50 on piority bugs!


Ludia promotions are a gamble. Is it gonna be accurate or full of mistakes? :grinning: