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I love It ! can’t wait for dino’s info …be’ sure to add the biome- location for each creature :smile:. Keep going , support :):muscle:


This is Rawesome!
Here is a link that might prove useful!

We’ll keep adding to the folders with future updates and as we get more dinosaur renders :grinning:


Wow Jorge!
That’s the best games’ images I saw!
Thank you! Your job will help a lot of people!


Can we use these on the metahub page?


Thanks a million from the community !


excellent. One suggestion is that it would be helpful to have rarity as a column on the main Creatures page


Absolutely, go for it!


Done! Thanks for your suggestion!


thanks for doing this!

[Wiki] Looking for Volunteers! More help mean more people helped!

Why do you place double topic?



It was one topic of annoucment and another looking for volunteers


These are great! Absolutely need them to make quick cheatsheets. It would be nice if they named the icons in game. I don’t have that worked out yet. I have figured out that each slash in the icon represents a have of a base attack. So, base 1 is 2 slashes, 2x is 4 slashes and 1.5 is 3 slashes. That helps!