I’m in L3… So what am I seeing here!!!

I’m starting to hallucinate aren’t I? I’m going crazy right? That’s really just a bulky Diplocaulus G2 right?

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RIP Diplo… Pegged in the back by a supply drop post. Ouch.

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The other side of the road could be L2, I have this situation at work. I was convinced that I worked in L3 since there were plenty of Diplocaulus spawning in the car park. Then I set off a scent capsule during a lunch break and caught nothing but L1 creatures.

It turns out that since the supply drops were nearer the other side of the road, they spawned in dinos from that zone which was L3. In you pic, I notice that the drops nearest to the Einio are nearer the other side of the road whereas the drop with the Diplocaulus under it is closer to your side of the road. You may be in L3 but the other side is probably L2.

I don’t think so. I only say that because I’ve gone around the corner once, and I still saw L3 dinos – Diplo, Allo, Trike G2… Where I am, L3 is spread out from this point at about a 10-20 mile radius.

So other than that, I would’ve agreed with you xP