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So yall guys cancelled tenontorex to prevent unbalanced matchmaking hmmmm… Totally fair that this dude has an indo

My team…

Matchmaking is based on player points, not team strength or player level. If this upsets you, there are many, many unhappy days ahead.


Step 1: Get DC.

Step 2 Take down his unicorn leveled dino.

Step 3 not needed


Lol. Your team is still 10X stronger than mine was at level 9.


They could fix this problem by making it so your highest and lowest dino cannot be more than 20% apart in level in your team of 8. This way these people who got indo won’t be able to use it till they have 7 other dino’s to level 17.

And you were smart to not level your sino… let’s face it. Thats the real victory here.

You’ll win some matches and lose some… as will they. But nobody can turn back the clock and un-waste that DNA. That level 16 will haunt them forever :smiling_imp:


I have a person in my alliance with level 19 sinosaurus :confounded:


I mean, there was like what 3? 4? Different Indoraptor events, you could’ve darted him. :man_shrugging:

That’s brutal

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These are my 3 “over-leveled”image
They’ve stayed at these levels since 1.4 and have long since been benched but No regrets on any of them tho


I have 6 people with 17-19 sinos all in arenas 3-4


Not using Gorgo any more, but will take him all the way to 30… 29 atm!


Is Gorgo good? I’m not sure whether to invest in him (after I get Megalosuchus first) or to keep him at Lv 20.

I really love that thing @Anthony_Papadopoulos
Before Tryostronix got its speed fixed and Thor was created, Gorgo was my go-to Chomper. Soo many fond memories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@MyFishDrowned… it was actually great. But unfortunately it’s time has passed :disappointed:
I have quite a few veteran friends who swear by Meg, but from what I’ve seen, it needs some levels on it to max it’s utility. I do think it’s one of the best counter attackers out there though. Only issue is that you’ll be splitting Kapro with spinota (if you choose to pursue that one as well)


My gorgo is 23. It has good use in an exact specific situation… 1, you can finish off a dino in its 1st hit and then completely take out the next dino they put in so long as it isn’t a high hit point tank.


That’s the way you’re supposed to use Gorgo… It was a staple on my team for a very long time and helped me win a lot of battles! Got benched when I took Thor to 25… If I were you, I wouldn’t invest in Megalosuchus, unless it gets a huge buff…


2 words… Razor Wire

Nuff said

Some older battles of Gorgo in action …


Just level up MEGA Becky, it’s a good counter for “Alita”