Whale species for JW?

This was more an idea that I wanted to share and here other people’s opinion on. How would you feel about prehistoric whale species being added to Jurassic World the Game?
So examples of prehistoric whales;
Basilosaurus: image
Orginally thought to be a lizard, but is an early whale species. (Think a whale on a BIG diet program)
Dorudon: image
An early version of the dolphins we know today, was known to be preyed on by basilosaurus.
Ambulocetus: image
The walking whale, but was still very tied to land (part me thinks this could count as an amphibian rather than an aquatic)

Ironically smaller than today’s sperm whales, but was still vicious enough to rival Megalodon.

These are just a few examples, there’s still a few that I haven’t mentioned. But considering how rich the fossil record for whales is, and what Ludia could do with some of these whales in terms of colours, animations and lv 40 features (maybe hybrids in the future). It would seem like a waste not to include them.
But anyway, what do you guys think? Yes or no for prehistoric whales?


Always a yes from my side for new species. I would also like to see new biodomes, for example, a new one for prehistoric insects.

I wish…

Great idea. I’d also love to see Ichtyosaurs.


Ludia hasn’t added a new aquatic animation rig since the release of Aquatics itself, so even though this is a great idea, Ludia probably won’t listen

I mean, they don’t need to add in new animations. You could just take the animation from a reef aquatic, (not a turtle obviously) and work on that. You’ll be surprised how athletic whales are at moving underwater thanks to how their inner ears are designed…

I strongly agree with you. If they don’t make a new animation for whales, they’ll probably use the shark animation. But they have 4 animations for each class in cenozoic but 3 for aquatic.