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The Profit modelling of games like this are based on “Whales” (a real term in use in the industry) ie a proportion of players who spend big. Very big.

In gambling circles those same people are known as addicts and gambling companies are required (at least in this country - UK) to allow them to seek help and lower their gambling habits and their spend or take a break. There is no such controls in freemium games such as this where items and in game currencies are offered at utterly grotesquely high prices for what you get - essentially nothing (some pixels/numbers).

You couple this with the way they deliberately try and feed addictions by pushing the reward centres of the brain - just like gambling - that requires money to feed in the worst cases. I find the entire thing disturbing and unethical. Especially as in some cases these games target children, who don’t have the financial means to fuel a habit and are particularly vulnerable to addictive gaming behaviours.

IMO games should either model their revenues on a one off up front cost where you purchase the game (with possible purchases for infrequent game expansions where you get a large set of new features) or a monthly all you can eat subscription when there are no further costs on top.

If a game can’t support itself via those 2 revenue options then let’s be honest it’s a bit of a deception as a game that isn’t good and entertaining enough to continue playing and instead becomes a con trick that tries to convince people they need to pay for in game items to continue to progress.

Other people might disagree with me but I can tell you my gaming time these days is 95% spent playing games I’ve bought and paid in full rather than tacky freemiun mobile games (there was a novelty draw once upon a time).


@lemonfarmer, the term whale is well known. I am uncertain why you opened a thread simply to provide this definition.

  • Are you acknowledging you have an issue and have become a ‘whale’, and are looking for help? :wink:
  • Is this thread intended as an insult of big spenders?
  • Are you hoping to spur players to criticize the developer for abusing big spenders?

I think I have missed the point you were intending to make.

:joy:. Yeah. I miss the old days when games were simply $15 a month. Progress in a game was a mark of accomplishment, not the amount of money spent. But, we wouldn’t have the slew of games available today otherwise. Successful games required hundreds of thousands of players and many good shops repeatedly folded. From the standpoint of employee security, the ability to reach a broader market, and the sheer number of choices of games which are available to the public, this model is regrettably far better.

An interesting fact. When games changed from subscription, the quality of the player base plummeted.

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I’m not sure how this is better - begging users in a game with offers like this that cost as much as 2x full price Nintendo Switch Games for absolutely nothing of value whatsoever. The absolute audacity to suggest that much gold and 2 red chests is worth £300+ of real world goods. You could buy a whole games console and top tier game bundle for that cost.

There are plenty of gaming studios offering decent gaming propositions for cash up front or subscription. Freemium games do not offer a better gaming experience and just open up the gaming world to Cowboys looking to make a quick buck with undersupported and underdeveloped games full of bugs like this one.


In the past I made several post about Ludia’s misleading offers (305% value), but with no results.
I think this is a criminal behaviour. Yet I hope most of players are intelligent enough to understand this offers are ridiculous.

Look at mine in euros…just lol…I can buy 2 brand new games for PS4 at the same price and still have some money for a pizza


I did a speech in grade 5 on Blue Whales if that helps this mindless thread🐳


And I bet a really decent and tasty pizza at that Fiz, not some tasteless and largely meaningless pixels :flushed:

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A gaming media outlet maybe interested in ludia’s crooked behaviour. Some serious bad publicity is the only way to hold ludia accountable

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if you think Ludia is bad in this regard I implore you to play some other games. Some of them its just insane, everything is a purchase and barely helps. As crazy as it seems ludia is not even near the level of some of these other outfits. its like comparing a street level pickpocket to a corporate banker embezzling millions.

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what games?