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What 1.9 creature do you expect to feature in 1st hybrid pursuit?

  • Phorusaura
  • Brontolasmus
  • Carboceratop
  • Thylacotator
  • Smilonemy
  • Indoraptor gen2

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Brontolasmsus mostly because i dont think Ludia will give us the components for legendary or unique hybrids right off the bat.

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Logic would dictate that Ludia would follow the legend -> unique -> legend pattern, so hopefully nemys? Since tarkus is next.

I’m actually kinda happy for that. I really wanted to have her on my team, but i can’t get enough wuerhosaurus to level her. I’ve got purusaurus and carnotaurus for days tho.


Last hybrid pursuit was dsungaia though

Dsungaia is right now, Tarkus will be next week.

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Where did they post that? I haven’t seen anything.

Nowhere, but it’s the only 1.9 hybrid they haven’t done yet.

I think you mean 1.8. But that honestly does make sense.

Don’t want to speculate but the Thylocator will be fun.

Who’s up for a 2 weeks of Sucho and Irri G2!!!

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I saw tarkus in my newsfeed but it’s gone now. For next week that is.