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What 1.9 creatures can you immediately unlock?

Looking at the new creatures and my current DNA stash looks like I am guaranteed to unlock straight away:

Indominus Gen 2

And I should be able to get Indominus Gen 2 all the way to level 15 straight away to start fusing Indo Gen 2.

What can you guys unlock?

All but Carobotoceratops and Smilonemys. I still have lots of unused T-Rex Gen 2 DNA leftover because I lack the Tenonto all the time, so I stand a good chance at Indoraptor Gen 2.

indominus rex gen 2, indoraptor gen 2 and maybe even phorusaura, thylacotator and brontolasmus

Same here. I think… I have less of a chance to unlock Indo G2 due to the lack of Blue DNA, and I also am borderline to not making the birb hybrid, unless I get a good fuses in. Yup. Miasaura is gonna be my bottleneck DNA. One would think I would be able to have enough DNA, but darting that thing is haaaaaarrd.

But for sure, it’s Brontolasmus, Indominus G2, and Thylacotator.

Thanks to that blasted turtle, there is gonna be another set of Legendary and Unique hybrids that will take me forever and two days to even begin to fuse. I am personally intrigued with Smilonemys, and hope that I will be able to fuse for it next year :joy::sob::upside_down_face:

Everything except the hybrids requiring Carbonemys