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What a beautiful day

Waking up, opening JWA. Dead area. Then, I see dat golden right. Could it really be an epic? An ancient I haven‘t seen since 1.5?
I looked closer, yes, a golden bird stood in my street. I got up so fast and sprinted down the street. Opened JWA again and bird still stood there. But some metres more to the left. Nah, whatever.
Then I turned and saw that there were two golden birds. I couldn‘t believe it, should I report Ludia that there‘s been a huge error?

I didn‘t and caught them both. 150 for the one, 156 for the other (lvl 15, no VIP and extremely nervous).

Oh what a day. What a lovely day. :ok_hand:

First time seeing epics in my area since 1.5. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

image image image


Finally, I don‘t care that she‘s useless for me. It‘s first time of epic encounter in my area and these golden beauties are one of my favorites in JWA! :smiley:


I seem to have encountered an increase in the golden chicken, seen and darted 3 so far this week. Could just be me being lucky but I do seem to notice an increase in epic spawns this week. Oh and congratz on your precious DNA :smiley:

I’ve had two this week - one was from an epic scent but the other was genuinely a wild encounter

Congratulations !!! I near my house since version 1.5 I have found epics … specifically two in a month, two Gryposuchus :slight_smile:

I congratulate you additionally for your skill with the darts. I am VIP and although I have improved a lot I hardly reach 150 with an epic. In fact, I think that in the four months since I became VIP in September only three times I have surpassed 156. I can not know my aim with the golden bird because since September I only saw it once, at 180 meters and I did not dare to get closer

Yeah I agree I’ve seen 4 the past week. But I want moreee

Hold my tongue, help me hold my tongue. Stay on your side of the hill. It stinks on this side of your wonderful hill.

Caught one this morning and 2 T-Rex.

I was extremely pleased how my morning started till I started to fuse Erlidominus and got 4 x 10… extremely disgusted! :roll_eyes:

They’ve stepped up the angry chicken spawns to give everyone a taste for the bird. So now people will dump money into the game to level up more to be part of the group that gets the coveted angry bird dna reward. Just business marketing in their part.