What a joke Ludia is


Here is the email I received from Ludia in response to my email about an epic scent capsule I purchased but no dinos appeared in (I originally had a screenshot of the email but since it’s against forum rules for whatever stupid reason, I imagine that they don’t want us publicly posting the ridiculous lines of dog poo they feed us, I’ve removed it, but it was basically a big paragraph explaining to me how scent capsules work and about the mist around the dinos etc etc etc). I included screenshots at every minute they should have appeared. I have used many scent capsules and I’m well aware of how they work, this email was completely useless to me. No offer of reimbursement. I will be fighting this one to the death. I work way too hard to spend 1000 dinocash for nothing. This is atrocious customer service. They will lose nothing by giving me another scent or my 1000 dinocash back. They will however lose a paying VIP customer who buys every one time offer and then some extras on top of that if they want to continue their sad excuse for customer service/relations.

edit to remove screenshot.


Just FYI you’re not allowed to post this it’s against forum rules I got a warning for it. However I agree it’s a joke.


What’s against the rules? The screenshot or calling them a joke? I’ll edit accordingly.


The screenshot. You’re not allowed to post their response to your emails apparently :roll_eyes:


There. Fixed.


Alright I was just trying to help… sorry :sweat_smile:


Lol, I was just about to recommend that! :+1:t4::+1:t4:


Haha no don’t be sorry, I appreciate it! Saved me having to deal with more of their nonsensical nonsense.


No… it makes sense … better to have records of communication “out there” than be flagged by some BS rule. Viva la resistance :raised_hands:t4:


They saw mine almost instantly. The one I showed you that was barely even in English.


Can’t believe I’m about to say this … but I miss Carl


Who’s Carl? Lol


The rudest person you’ll ever not meet


Wanna take this one? @Heather


Never meet? :joy:


Don’t ask me things like that in public.


Hahaha I just thought you’d be able to answer better than I :joy:


He’s a resident forum troll, and that’s putting it mildly… but Heather probably has few qualms about going full out against him…


Let’s just say, he wasn’t hindered when it came to voicing his complaints with the platform… at all :joy:


Carl is luida enemy #1. He rages about everything they do but he’s been banned from the forum.