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What a monotony

It has now been understood that it is useless to hope to have a game without bugs and problems (the chat, battles that stop, special gift packages that are gone, etc. etc.) at least make it a little less monotonous. At 02:00 the parcels are reset, at 06:00 the new daily goals, at 07:00 new creatures, at 15:00 new goals … why don’t you start them by surprise? Without scheduled times … it really has become of an absurd monotony.


All -similar- games suffer from this regardless of the company that makes them.

It’s because of a short-attention compensation culture.

When games surprise players their forums and/or reddits flood with complaints about poor communication, “OMG I would have actually played yesterday if I knew it was worth it! You Owe me!”, ect…


Because that would be extremely inconvenient and unpredictable? This is literally the most random complaint I’ve ever seen. It’s such a “non-problem.”


You’re complaining that your coins reset the same time everyday? That the event dinos reset at the same time on their given days and that the daily missions reset at the same time everyday? You would like them to be random? If you know when they change what is this problem?

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It’s fine as it is now. Then you can plan better on working days.

It’s fine as it. For me at least, Everything changes over perfectly.

With alliance missions to complete that wouldn’t work at all…

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Award for “Most Useless Complaint” :trophy:


I just don’t agree to that cause we just had one about Dsunga having bewbs… I think that one takes the award


oh that was rich. :rofl:

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It is actually good to know the timings of these. So you can actually plan your time around these schedule.

I would give you the prize for the most idiotic answer …


Bla bla bla​:speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Most people go to work or school which is on a schedule. I prefer knowing what time things are resetting. It makes planning the day with my work schedules and other things I’m doing much easier. Life can be chaotic enough with randomness. I don’t need a game adding to that chaos.