What a rip off


What a rip off paid £4.99 to get £600 green to buy the weekly Dino incubator Apart from the extra gold I get better in majority of my battle incubators totally disgusting ripping people off like this atleast make it worthwhile


Don’t buy it then u can see what u are going to get lol all green cash should go on speeding in arena incubators


Always the answer don’t buy it then seriously lets all not bother then how are they going to improve add stuff fix problems if they don’t make some money it’s a really cool game just make our real money purchase worthwhile and no not really because what I can see is two common two epic two rare and a legendary so when you get anything but what you see not saying to totally get them to evolve or create but some DNA I had pretty much all common


It shows the rarity of the DNA you are guaranteed to get … for example:

This one is giving 5429x DNA and 9789x Coins. Guaranteed are 500x T-Rex DNA, 252x Epic DNA and 432x Rare DNA. So yeah, you will most likely get thousands of Common DNA, too. But there’s a chance to get some more Epic as well.

(same for Arena Incubators … I sometimes get a good amount … 20-30 … of Epic DNA from 3h ones, even if none is guaranteed in there)


Now there’s a proper reply yeah I’ve seen the little stats but I’d expect it to be a gamble on maybe the battle incubators but when you spending real money I expect it to be worthwhile I bought the £199 special offer and it was brilliant I had loads but anyway thanks for your reply