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What a spupid event ... or should I say BUCKS,BUCKS,BUCKS

A new event ist there, nice… oh, it’s not nice
For this event we need Archelon , the tournament creature this week… Ludia I can only say BUCKS , BUCKS , BUCKS!!!
For people who haven’t Archelon yet , this event would cost them 1,6 k bucks!
The tournament ends in a few hours and when you get your first Archelon , you have to hatch it first… but the event ends in 2 days , so you have to speed it up in the hatchery for 1,6k bucks! So players who haven’t Archelon or have to speed it up for a lot of bucks , can’t win a legendary! Or they have to spend bucks!
Ludia why??? Do you wan’t us to quit?
We always have to spend our bucks on everything!
Same with S-DNA event today… we can only complete it when we have today’s unlock creature the Plesiosaurus! (I already have it , like everybody , who comleted bs 77 or 78)
Players who haven’t Plesiosaurus yet , have to unlock it first , hatch it for bucks and fight with it in an aquatic event… wait!
All events today are aquatic! Why??Ahh, BUCKS,BUCKS,BUCKS!
You have to fight 5 times with your best aquatics to unlock Plesiosaurus, then hatch it for 1k bucks to do another aqua event to win S-DNA. But all your best aquatics are in cooldown! What to do? Spend BUCKS of course!
But ha… there’s another aquatic event with 5 battles and you have to use the tournament creature , that costs 1,6k bucks to hatch and some more bucks for the creatures, who are again in cooldown!
Ludia !!!
When you want us to spend no more money for VIP then go on with things like that


I agree with all said, what’s really mind boggling is that Ludia want to lure us in with some awfully crappy awards.

Gee that aftermath event doesn’t even guarantee you the lousy Golden Pack, even if you’ve Archelon, that’s not a great event at all.
The Plesiosaurus event offers at least a few DB’s but as mentioned already, that bloody Plesiosaurus just got introduced to Battle stage 78 … SMH

@Ludia you really need to start to understand your own game economy you’ve created, it gets embarrassing!


Already had a lev 20 Archelon. Round one you fight one mirrored enemy.

Round 2 see under

As you can see most of my aquatic are used up due to “fight for fusion”.

Once that Orthacanthus is ready I can complete its final round.

Am I really going to use up bucks for the possibility of a golden rewards pack?

If I cant do it in the time provided without using a lot of bucks then I doubt if many can. I am lucky enough to have had a head start with an Archelon too.

I totally agree :+1::+1::+1:

this is so unepic it hurts my brain. I think the most efficient way to do this is wait till 3-5 hours before event ends then speed them up to save most bucks, you’ll probably have to speed up creatures for the battles though. Atleast i have me first ingredient for megarchelon. All i need are 7 more megalodons and 7 more archelons >:( which ill have to wait months for atleast

ludia y???

Yet another way to get players to spend bucks. They’re not even good at tempting us, as the rewards are nowhere near worth the amount of bucks we have to spend. At least give us guaranteed tournament (i’ll do anything for Yutyrannus) or VIP creatures or something more tempting than a chance at a Golden Pack. I’ll just do the Plesiosaur unlock event and that’s it.
Just ignore them. Don’t let it annoy you. It’s not worth it.


Does Ludia really think that people are dumb enough to pay 1.6k for a chance of winning a Golden Rewards pack? Especially as, if you’ve just finished in Dominator league, the idea of maybe winning a Suchomimus and knowing you’ll get ZERO DB is hardly an exciting one.


Might like to note the first fight requires 1 Archelon what happens if the other fights require 2-3 of them

They dont…or at least round 2 didnt.

Pretty sure it’s just round 1.

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That’s how it was last week

Before 2 week i’m buy 1 year VIP , now is impossible for me the play this game . I want money back for this 1 year VIP , where I can complain about scammers ?

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If you just that recently bought the VIP, your best chance to get a refund is to go through whoever you purchased through. I heard from someone else on the FB groups that purchased through the Apple Store and said they got a refund based on the changes, especially the original drop in the custom trades. It might be a bit harder now with it just being the game economy that they have so changed (and people getting refunds for yearly memberships may have contributes to why they back-tracked on the trades).

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Tournament Aftermath

Round 1

Must use an Archelon.

I dont remember seeing a level requirement.

Round 2

Legendary x 3

I did not play this round but started it just to make sure you do not need to use another Archelon


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quick question everyone, Should I trade Umoonasaurus in for 5,286 dna when i pretty muh already have Archelon or keep it. My current 3 strongest aquatics are hainosaurus 10, megalodon 10 and tylosaurus 10 and if i do it’ll almost double my current dna

Round 1: Must use an Archelon
Round 2: Legendary x 3
Round 3: Legendary x 3
Round 4: Legendary x 3
Round 5: Legendary x 3

If you do not have enough aquatics and you don’t think 2 days is long enough for them to cool down, now is the time to spend bucks to complete the event as the cooldown discount is active. 10% off cooldowns for non-VIP, and 20% cooldowns for VIP.

Personally, I wouldn’t do it. The Umoonasaurus is 8,000 DNA to buy back. What happens if the next aquatic even needs you to use the Umoonasaurus? If I were in your position, I would continue to grind the PvP wheels. I would only consider trading a dino like that if I already had a level 40.


Thank You <3

i just realised that you dont even have a guaranteed golden rewards pack thats so bad

Unless I missed it when I looked earlier, there’s no s-DNA reward for it either. So, I would definitely make this a lowest priority event

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